Podcasting Tips, Tactics, and Advice

Podcast Tactics is a new* show featuring in-depth conversations with new, up-and-coming, and experienced podcasters. You’ll hear their origin stories and learn how they develop and grow their show. Listen in to get a good dose of inspiration and motivation while getting to know ambitious and dedicated creators. You may even discover your next favorite podcast!

Teaching is only demonstrating that it is possible. Learning is making it possible for yourself.

Paulo Coelho

Share, Connect & Collaborate

Are you a podcast creator? Submit the Be a Guest form to schedule an interview where you can give listeners a unique behind-the-scenes “look” into the passions and motivations driving the creation of your podcast. During your interview, you’ll get the opportunity to attract new listeners and make a request to connect and collaborate with your fellow podcast creators.

*Podcast Tactics launched on March 16, 2021. Over 100 podcasters have requested interviews. Of those, 71 have been booked, and 52 have been recorded.