How to Co-host a Podcast with Lifelong Friends Kelly and James

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In this episode of Podcast Tactics, you will learn how two life-long friends have created an intriguing paranormal show. Listen in for tips on podcast promotion and strategies for getting relevant show guests.

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Listen to “That’s Some Crazy Shit” and Learn More About Kelly and James

Episode recorded on March 6, 2021.

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James Loren: In this episode of Podcast Tactics, you will learn how two lifelong friends have created an intriguing paranormal show. Listen in for tips on podcast promotion, and strategies for getting relevant show guests.

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Now let’s get into it.

Joining me right now is Kelly Morgan and James Baez. Kelly and James, thank you for coming on the show and joining me.

Kelly Morgan: You’re welcome. Thanks for having us.

James Baez: Thanks for having us.

James Loren: I am super excited to talk to both of you about this fun, amazing show that you guys put together. I’m not going to spoil it. I’m going to let you guys introduce it.

What’s the name of your show and please tell us what it’s all about.

James Baez: Well, the name of our show is That’s Some Crazy Shit. And it’s basically about what me and Kelly talk about just on everyday basis. You know, there’s so much stuff going on with the paranormal world, modern medicine, ancient knowledge, it’s just crazy.

And we just enjoy talking about it. And we also want it to give people a platform who’ve had paranormal experiences somewhere where they could come and share their stories and not feel like they’re being judged or not believed. So that’s kind of where we’re going with that.

James Loren: When did you guys come up with this idea to just start putting what you guys normally talk about into the podcast format?

Kelly Morgan: I’ll take this one, James. Me and James, always have these conversations. Right. And these are just stuff that you just can’t talk to everybody about because they’ll dismiss it. They’ll be like, you’re crazy. They won’t entertain it. So one day we’re talking, like we always are, we’re having a conversation and James is like, we should do a podcast or a YouTube channel.

And I was like, you know what, I’m going to call your bluff. If you are serious. And I remember I said this to him, if you’re serious, 100% serious, we’ll do a podcast. We’ll figure it out and we’ll do it, but we’re going to have meetings and there is going to be structure and we’re going to have order, right?

James Baez: ‘Cause she knows I’m all over the place.

Kelly Morgan: So, if we’re going to do this, then we’re really going to do this and guess what? He was serious. And so I couldn’t back out cause he was, he showed up to every little meeting that I scheduled. He showed up.

James Loren: It’s almost like he was taking revenge on you for challenging him.

Kelly Morgan: So we did it, we figured it out and we did it. We didn’t know what we were doing, but we figured it out.

James Loren: I gotta tell you guys, you know, this genre of, you know, the mysterious, the paranormal is my jam. I mean just full disclosure. From when I saw what your guys’ topic was about to listening to today’s episode.

I was, I don’t know if you saw, but I like immediately followed you on Twitter and Facebook and YouTube. And I was like, this is a great show. I love it. So before we get into an episode discussion, I feel like I’m like, you know, gushing, fanboy, you know, moment here. Sorry. Let’s talk a little bit more high level about your guys’ podcast.

I think you guys started in September officially, right? You know, first episodes came out just a few months ago, about six months. That’s relatively new. You, you guys are the third interview that I am having today, where you all started in September. And the volume of work that you guys have put out since then, it’s you guys have put a lot of episodes since September.

How are you guys doing that? You know, you guys are just hitting record and going.

Kelly Morgan: Well, go ahead, James, go ahead. No, well, I mean, okay, I’ll take this part. It’s it’s been slow going from the beginning because in the beginning we would record and I didn’t know how to edit. Right. I didn’t know. I don’t know what I’m doing, but we’re going to kind of slap this together. So if you listen to our, like our very first couple of podcasts, they’re not well edited.

There’s a lot of like, dead air. And I didn’t know how to edit that stuff out, but every single podcast we would, I would get better. James would be like, “you’re getting good at this,” and I’d be like, “I am getting good at this!” Right? And I can edit that out. Don’t worry about it. And it became easier for us to be able to record and me to be able to edit it quickly.

So we record every Saturday.

James Loren: Okay. And how often do you guys release an episode? Is it once a week or is it twice a week?

James Baez: Once a week right now.

James Loren: Gosh, man. You know, like, it seemed like you guys had a ton. I thought you guys are doing like twice a week. Anyway, you guys…

James Baez: You know, we do have the content to go twice a week.

We really do this stuff is, I mean, when Kelly and I sit down and we start popping out ideas, there’s just so much we could talk about, and we really could go twice a week, but you know, like Kelly said, we’re just slow and steady right now.

James Loren: Let’s talk a little bit about that. How do you guys come up with topics?

How do you guys come up with topics that you want to, you know, do for a show? What’s your process around that?

Kelly Morgan: James, is there a process?

James Baez: What we do. It just, it just like when we sit around and you just shoot the breeze with your friend, you know, we’ll just sit and talk about God. You know, I remember seeing that movie as a kid and then we’ll sit and talk about movies for the next 45 minutes.

James Loren: So it’s literally on the fly. It seems like, like you guys are…

Kelly Morgan: We’ll try to brainstorm with ideas.

We’ll be like, okay, well, James, we’ll talk about the stuff that he likes. You know, he’s big into Bigfoot. He likes paranormal ghost stuff. I like more of the meditation and the vibration and the frequency and the alien stuff. And so from there, we can just have this organic conversation and write all our ideas down and then whatever we decide we’re going to do, we try to do a little bit of research so that we can come and be credible about what we’re talking about.

We’re not experts, but we want to talk about it.

James Baez: And that’s something I’ve always enjoyed, even when we were kids, you know, is reading about these things that were unexplained. And, you know, one of the reasons I wanted to start is because I have had paranormal experiences and I’ve, and I know people who have paranormal experiences.

And the more we did the show, the more people were willing to come out. I’d bet. If you were to ask some of your friends or, you know, ask around, you would find more people have these experiences than you really realize.

James Loren: Yeah. Without a doubt, I’m a believer. I think that it totally is a possibility and that it’s happening and something that we just don’t know.

Or can’t explain. I think that there is a lot of mystery in the world and that’s what I love about this planet, you know, is that there is a lot of mystery in the world and it can’t be explained. It leaves us in that kind of wonderment of life.

James Baez: Exactly.

James Loren: So I want to back up even more now, just a little and talk about your guys’s background.

James Baez: You guys have known each other since you were in kindergarten. Is that right? Is that accurate? Yeah.

Kelly Morgan: That is

James Baez: accurate.

James Loren: You guys ended up in different places now, you know, you’re the Kelly you’re in Colorado and James you’re in, in, uh, salt Lake city, Utah, I believe?

Kelly Morgan: We didn’t grow up far from one another. We went to the same elementary school.

James Loren: Okay.

James Baez: And we’ve always stayed in touch. Kelly’s gone to different States over the years and she’s always stayed in touch with me. And, you know, through these long phone calls, and the, just the time we’ve known each other, we were just so in tune with each other, it’s nice to be able to talk to someone who, you know, kind of gets what you’re saying, and isn’t just going to… well Kelly does laugh at me, but it’s all in good nature.

You know, she believes what I’m talking about, but you know, and that’s nice. Like she also has the, the yin to my yang, you know, we’re always kind of a balance. And so it’s nice to have that relationship with someone for that period of time.

James Loren: Have you guys always been talking about the paranormal since kindergarten? How, what was, do you remember the first conversation that you guys had about the paranormal or mysterious things?

James Baez: We’ve been talking about it for so long. I don’t know. I would, I wouldn’t think we were in elementary maybe as we got a little older.

Kelly Morgan: Yeah, I would say older when James is James, his thing was always Bigfoot. So we would start off with a lot of Bigfoot discussions and then that would lead to alien. And then dude, I was on YouTube. I saw this thing about reptilians.

Did you know that the queen was reptilian? And then we just have this full on conversation because if I tell that to anybody else, you’re going to be like, aha. Okay. Right. The end of the conversation, even if James is like, Hmm, I don’t know, Kelly, he’ll still entertain me. Just entertain me for a half an hour.

James Loren: Right. It’s about the possibility of it, right?

James Baez: Yeah. We throw questions at each other, you know, and you know, I like to play the devil’s advocate sometimes and I’ll say, well, what about this Kelly? You know, and it’s not in a. Dismissing way, but you know, makes you think about different viewpoints.

James Loren: Yeah. I will say, I want to ask this question right now actually, because it’s popping into my head and I don’t want to forget about it, but it’s based off of the episode that I listened to earlier today.

I’m sure you guys know the X-Files. Who is Mulder, and who is Scully? Like I feel like James. Yeah.

But maybe there’s a little bleed over there, but in the episode that I listened to, you were being so rational, James, and Kelly’s like, “I want to believe!”

James Baez: That’s funny. That’s a good analogy. But, and the funny thing is we can, we can switch roles though, depending on what the topic is, you know? I love that analogy.

James Loren: Well, you guys definitely… your kinship with each other, you know, the, the connection that you have with each other definitely comes across in the show. It’s something that I, I really enjoyed hearing. The banter that you guys have, you guys are great with guests too. It’s just a lot of fun to listen to. I love the topic also again.

I, uh, would encourage anybody who is like wanting to go into the paranormal, you know, examine these mysterious things to really check out your show because it is a lot of fun to, to listen to. Um,

James Baez: Thank you. And I’m glad you’re having fun too. It’s you know, because it is fun to do. We want people to have fun,

Kelly Morgan: Right. We want to laugh. We definitely want to laugh.

James Loren: I do want to pick your guys’ brain about like challenges that you’ve ran across since you’ve launched in September. What kind of challenges have you encountered and how have you broken through those?

James Baez: Well for me, the challenge has been the technology.

James Loren: Okay. Yeah,

James Baez: I don’t use, I don’t email a lot and I don’t Zoom.

And so Kelly being patient enough to show me how to navigate this stuff. That’s been a challenge for me, so.

James Loren: Okay. Okay. Well, you’re doing fine right now on the Zoom. Kelly, how about you?

Kelly Morgan: My challenge has been teaching James the technology.

James Baez: But if you’re talking about the show, I think our challenge really has been getting listeners more listeners. We have a steady group of listeners, but, you know, growing it is is hard because, you know, it’s, it it’s time out of people’s day, you know? And, and it’s nice when they want to take it and spend it with us.

And, but there are a lot of podcasts out there too. So,

Kelly Morgan: Yeah, there’s a ton of ’em out there and they can pick whoever. So when someone chooses to pick me and James, cause you know, we’re not experts, we’re not influencers, we’re not celebrities. We’re just two friends having a conversation about some crazy shit.

And we hope that… you know, we want it at the end of the day. We always say that we want to entertain. Right? But we want to inform. We think we’re pretty entertaining. We’re hilarious.

James Baez: Right in our mind.

James Loren: I agree. I mean, you have, uh, an outsider’s perspective here and I think you are absolutely entertaining. The subject matter is absolutely entertaining as well, but I want to back up a little bit and ask you guys, you know, about the promotion part of your podcast.

How have you guys been promoting the show?

James Baez: You take that one Kell.

Kelly Morgan: We have using social media. So what I’ve been doing is I got us on all the social media outlets. Facebook Instagram, Twitter. I don’t think we’re LinkedIn appropriate. We have a YouTube channel. And so I, you know, every week that we have an episode, I try to promote that week by putting it out on those channels and trying to gain followers.

That’s our problem. How do we market it? And we thought about using a marketer and doing certain things, and we’re talking about now starting a website. Cause we will really want it to decide if we’re going to keep doing this. Do we want to keep doing this James? And we decided just the other day that yes, we’re going to keep going.

You know, and then I said, well, cool. Then we need to start. We need to up our game, get a website and really start to try to engage people and get more listeners.

James Loren: So I listened to That’s Some Crazy Shit with special guest Molle Hess. I believe that might be… actually, when I started listening to it this morning, it was the most recent one.

And then I noticed that you guys snuck one in a newer one in this today. So it’s the second to the most recent one as of this recording. But I want to first say that, and I don’t remember who it was. James, I think it might’ve been you, but she had answered a question. And then you asked her to give some more description around what it was that she was…

So it was… She was explaining a paranormal occurrence that had happened. And you said, can you describe what that looked like? You got more information out of her. And I was like, that’s pro move right there, because this is not a, uh, a visual medium here. You know, she just kinda cut through the chase and you really, it, it showed to me that you were listening to her response.

And you wanted to, you were seeing it from the listener’s perspective as in “well, what did that look like?” And you got, you encouraged her to give more details where it was needed. So I keyed in on that, and that episode, it kind of actually brought something up for me personally. She was sharing something about the smell of roses and when my dad died, it was like, that happened for us too.

So it was, that was oh my gosh. It was like those brief like moments where it’s like, Oh my gosh, it smells like roses in here. And then it would go away. And my dad loved roses. He had a garden. So anyway, I love that she’s into ancient aliens. This is a very long way of me kind of ramping up to… How do you guys find your guests?

James Baez: Well some of the guests that we’ve had, um, we’ve known personally, or we’ve had experience with.

Kelly has brought us some guests, and how have you reached out to those Kelly?

Kelly Morgan: I used a service called radio and they sent us the people that were like the mentalist that has the show in Las Vegas. They gave us reach to those types of. People who are maybe more established. The professor who teaches and has written a series of books.

Dr. Bruce was one. Joy Elaine, um, her episode is the one that you said we snuck in, she’s another one where using that service has given us a greater reach because we’ve and then we’ve reached out to people that we may know, like we had a pediatric gastroenterologist, well I happen to work with doctors.

So I reached out and he, he had, we just, it was just a conversation and he actually volunteered to be on the podcast. So, I mean, we’ve gotten, we’ve gotten, we’ve been very fortunate because it’s been steady all of a sudden it’s just been a steady flow of guests.

James Baez: And that was a concern of ours at first.

James Loren: And that service that. You’re using, they actually, they’re feeding you guests that are in the genre of which your topics are about whether it’s paranormal or, you know, kind of mysterious nature phenomenon.

Kelly Morgan: Yeah. Yeah. They fed, they have fed us people like that. That are just, even if it’s something like somebody who may be as like, um, Uh, into like maybe frequencies or vibrations or meditation or whatever, anything that’s kind of strange, like that is perfect for us.

Cause we want to talk about it.

James Loren: The other things that I noticed, at least in this episode that I listened to is that you guys have a bed of background music underneath the interviews. Is that typical for you guys? How did you guys kind of settle on that?

James Baez: Well, that was Kelly’s move. It was a good, good. I just didn’t know how to do it, you know, but she put that in and yeah, it goes good. And it’s, it kind of fits what we’re talking about.

James Loren: Yeah. It really… for the stories for Molle and her daughter, Candy. It worked very well for that episode. I was curious about how you… if the other episodes that you have…

Kelly Morgan: They all do. I try to put background behind all of them because I just feel like it, it just adds to the conversation. It’s like, if you were to watch a movie without music, you wouldn’t get the same feeling. That’s how I feel about the podcast.

James Loren: So, my next question, I want both of you to answer. Kelly, I’m going to start with you. If there’s one episode that somebody should listen to in your current backlog of episodes, which one would that be?

Kelly Morgan: Out of all the episodes that we’ve done, my favorite episode is when James talked about his crazy shit. His… His personal paranormal experiences because at the root of it, that is the reason why we are doing the podcast and it came out kind of organically.

Cause I’m like, no, he was always saying, you know, if people want to come on and come forward, I’m like, but what about you? We’ve never heard your story. So we took a whole episode and we talked about it, and James had stories I had not even heard. So it was, I liked it. And so I just, because we talk about them all the time and I know, and I believe him.

Right. And it’s just crazy shit. That’s, that’s how we talk.

James Loren: Which episode was that one? Is there a number that you have for that, or a name?

Kelly Morgan: I want to say  it’s season two. I think I just called it “James’s Paranormal Experiences.” It might be like episode five or six.

James Loren: Okay. Wow. Early on. Okay. Okay.

Kelly Morgan: Yeah. So, I mean, it was that, but season two.

So yeah, so this season, so it was a couple of weeks ago. Right. But I just really, that was probably my favorite one because, uh, it was basically us interviewing him, him telling his story, him being the guest of the podcast.

James Loren: What about you, James? What’s your favorite?

James Baez: Well, my favorite was our Bigfoot episode, which is one of the first episodes.

And I think it was my favorite because it was one of the first, and it kind of brought back where we all started. I was a Bigfoot guy from long time ago when we were kids. And it seemed like that was where we started as kids in like a nice circle back to where we’re now doing a podcast about what we used to talk about.

And like I said, that’s my thing. I like Bigfoot. So

James Loren: Yeah.

Kelly Morgan: Yeah, he is, he loves Bigfoot.

James Loren: So. This is another question that I want both of you guys to answer too, and I guess James, I guess I’ll start with you since, uh, you’re up. What do you want people to get out of listening to your show? Why should they listen to your podcast?

James Baez: Why should they listen to our podcast? I think if they listen to our podcast, they may feel that they’re not alone. If they’ve experienced these happenings. And I’d want them just to know that they’re not alone. I think that’s when we, when we started, that’s what I wanted people to really come out and have a place to share.

And I want them to get that from our episodes. And I also want them to have fun, you know, but we we’re a place where you can come out and you can share your, your experiences. No, one’s going to judge you, you know, you can do it anonymously. Come on. Being a guest. But you can come and share your story.

That’s all. I want, you know, people to be able to share their experiences and their stories. Cause this is some wild stuff that’s going on out there.

James Loren: Indeed. Kelly, how about you?

Kelly Morgan: You know, the same thing. I want people to have a place to come, but I also want people to be entertained, and I also want people to have an open mind more than anything.

At least just entertain it for the next 45 minutes that there are reptilians under the ground. Ruling the world. I didn’t say that there were, but it’s kind of fun to think about. Right? It’s just, it’s one of those things it’s like, you know, it’s that crazy, it’s probably true. Right? And then we go down a rabbit hole.

So I just, you know, we, we want to entertain all sides of everything and not be biased. So we’ll even have people on that we don’t necessarily agree with. Right? You know, we don’t agree with what you’re saying, but we’re not here to judge you and we get to ask you questions about it and have a conversation.

And that’s really what it’s all about. Just trying to have, not even an understanding, but we don’t have to be mean and rude if just because we disagree with what it is that you’re saying, but we also want to have an open mind that. Sure. Yeah. We’ll bring you on. Let’s talk about it. Why not?

James Loren: You’re practicing what you’re preaching, right? You know, I mean, you would like other people to have an open mind and you guys. It works the other way around as well, where you have a guest on, and it’s kind of like, you’re challenged by something that they might be saying. And it’s like, okay, I gotta put my bias aside here

Kelly Morgan: And just have an open mind and have a conversation and get, be able to ask questions.

Cause I want to know why you think this. Why? Why? You know, why give me some information. And I think James is like me on that. We asked a lot of the questions.

James Baez: Yeah. Yeah. And that’s the thing. We’ll, we’ll ask each other questions and, you know, and it’s nice to be able to think about it. You know, Kelly will give me pause for thought I have to stop stop and think.

Well, yeah. You know, that makes sense. You know, and, and we do, we, we just kind of we’d look at things, not critically, but in a way where we want to understand.

James Loren: What is one piece of advice that you would give a new podcaster or somebody who’s interested in starting a podcast?

Kelly Morgan: Learn how to really edit your podcast.

Um, because it’s something that is really valuable, the ability to be able to edit and really try to make it sharp. I told James my, my dream is to. For us to put more production behind it than what we do now. And that’s the dream. And one day it will happen. But you know, when we first learned, I wish I would have known more about that on the front end, but I just kind of learned as I go, but I would recommend anybody who’s going to do a podcast.

It’s really important about the editing part.

James Baez: And what I would add is, you know, do it… do it because you want to have fun and it’s fun for you to do and something you enjoy.

Kelly Morgan: Yeah, I would agree.

James Loren: So let’s, let’s hop into a time machine here. You guys have been going at this for about six months. I mean, really you’ve guys been going at it for your lifetime, right?

But like, you know, on the podcast scene, you know, six months. Let’s go a year or two in the future. What is your hope? What are your hopes for your podcast?

Kelly Morgan: I know what my hopes are cause I think about it all the time. I would like, yes, I would like us to have, um, a robust listenership. I don’t want to say a number because I don’t want to limit the number.

So I say robust, a great listenership to the point where we’ve attracted a real live sponsor. Right? And now we’re… the podcast… The podcast has a sponsor because our listenership is so strong, and we have better production and better tools to put out a quality sharp podcast. That is what I would like to see us and become maybe household names. Kelly and James… Kelly and James ketchup. Kelly and James lunchbox.

Kelly and James backpack.

James Baez: No, but for me, I would like to see us, like Kelly says have a nice listenership. And I would also, I would like to see more people come forward and where we we’re a forum for these people. I that’s, what I really would like to see in the next few years is, you know, people coming on, maybe doing a video with us, you send us letters, know I want to be able to, like I said, helping these people get their stories out.

That’s what I want to see.

Kelly Morgan: Yeah, you want to engage more?

James Loren: One last question before we wrap things up, uh, and it is for both of you, when your podcast gets made into a movie who is going to play the leading roles. And maybe what I’ll do is I’ll ask James, who do you think is going to play Kelly, and Kelly who do you think is going to play James?

James Baez: Uh, that’s a good question.

Kelly Morgan: Yeah, James, who’s going to play me?

James Baez: Um, now I don’t know actors very well. So Kelly is the movie person, but who played, uh, the woman in Suicide Squad? Walters or Waller? Amanda Waller who was that?

Viola something… 

Kelly Morgan: Viola Davis.

James Baez: That would be Kelly, Viola Davis.

Kelly Morgan: Okay. And James, I think that. Who would you be played by? I think you’d be played by, a young… you remind me of like a young De Niro, but a younger De Niro it’d have to be. I don’t know who that would be, but I like you as Robert De Niro, the younger version. Andy Samberg. There you go. He could play you.

James Loren: Nice. Yeah. I could see that actually.

James is like, “I don’t know who that is!”

Kelly Morgan: He can play you. He can play James.

James Baez: You guys could see the panic on my face!

James Loren: Guys. Please tell us where people can learn more about you and your podcast.

Kelly Morgan: So we are on all the social media, Instagram, Twitter. It’s always That’s Some Crazy Shit. You can also email us. That’s the quickest way to reach us., but we are on Facebook “K and J’s Podcast”.

We are an Instagram that underscore some crazy shit and we are on Twitter at that’s some crazy shit.

James Loren: Guys, I would love to keep in touch. Can we do a followup in like six months or eight months down the road, just to, we can do another interview, kind of check in, maybe share some ghost stories or something?

I don’t know, but hopefully we can make it happen if you guys have the time. I would love that.

Kelly Morgan: Yeah, let’s put it on the calendar. Absolutely.

James Baez: That sounds like fun.

James Loren: The name of the show is “That’s Some Crazy Shit.” Kelly and James, thank you so much for coming on. I love your show. Like I said, you have a fan right here, you know, highly recommended. It’s a good time.

It’s fun to think about, thank you for putting it out. It’s really, really fun.

Kelly Morgan: Well, thank you. We appreciate it.

James Baez: Yeah. Thank you very much.

James Loren: Thanks again to Kelly and James. Check the show notes for links to learn more about their podcast “That’s Some Crazy Shit.”

I would love to hear what you got out of this episode. Leave a review on to let me know. The show notes has info for how to do this and feel free to make suggestions for what I can do to make this show even better for you. And make sure you subscribe and follow podcast tactics to learn even more about podcasting in future episodes. Thank you.

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