How to Launch a Brand New Podcast Quickly and Easily with Michael Mezmer

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Launch a new podcast fast! This episode of Podcast Tactics features a guest who launched his podcast just two weeks prior to the recording of this episode, and he’s already growing an audience of loyal listeners.

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Learn More about Michael Mezmer and His Podcast, “The Michael Mezmer Show”

Episode recorded on February 24, 2021.

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James: In this episode of Podcast Tactics, you will discover how to launch a brand new podcast quickly and easily. Today’s guest launched his podcast just two weeks prior to the recording of this episode. And he’s already growing an audience of loyal listeners.

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Now let’s get into it.

Joining me right now is master hypnotist and magician Michael Mezmer from Rancho Cucamonga. Michael, thank you so much for coming on

Michael: the show. Oh, it’s all my pleasure. Thank you so much for having me as a guest today. I’m really excited to be here.

James: Excited to have you on let’s dive right in. Let’s talk about you.

Let’s talk about your podcast. Let’s start with that. What’s the name of your podcast and what’s it all about?

Michael: It’s called The Michael Mezmer show. And I sorta, you know, I always loved Paul Harvey when he used to do his old radio show. That was just sort of a brief 10 minute, uh, kind of thing that you could tune into everyday.

Have a little break from the news of the day and more interesting subject matter. So I developed the show to be that way. So it’s always about 10 to 15 minutes long and we deal with the incredible, amazing, and sometimes unbelievable. That’s what I always say. And somehow it always comes together in one way or another, but, uh, I like subject matter that takes away from politics and religion.

We don’t do any of those subjects. It’s just so people can take a break on Monday afternoons and have a little fun with Michael Mezmer. That’s

James: awesome. Is my stylist show. I love the paranormal. We’ll get into that a little bit. Your subject matter is right down my alley. I’m a, I’m a fan already. Let’s talk a little bit about your background.

Uh, master hypnotist,

Michael: magician. Yeah. I have toured the 25 countries around the world performing my danger magic. Where I swallow razor blades and put my hand in a Wolf trap, I’d break an arrow with my neck, but all of those demonstrations, a lot of them don’t work off of hypnosis to be able to control pain.

So I’m also a clinical hypnotherapist. And a stage hypnotist. So I’ve done both those I’m clinical. I’m a therapist. I took 500 hours of training initially from the hypnotism training Institute in Glendale, California under the legendary Gil Boyne who has since passed away. But he was, he had hypnotized Sylvester Stallone to be able to finish the script for Rocky cause.

Right. He had a writer’s block at one point. You also worked with Dolly. Pardon? A lot of other stars. Well, he taught me hypnotherapy. And as I say, I took five minute hours of training and internship. And I currently am the, uh, hypnotherapy consultant to the under medical group in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

But I also tour doing state shit medicine shows and having fun that way and uplifting people through that show as well and making it a positive experience. So I do all those things. I’m a ghost Hunter, which is a lot of fun. And I write also for scary monsters magazine. I’m a nationally published author, many times over, uh, with scary monsters magazine, the last great monster magazine.

That’s awesome.

James: When did you start your

Michael: podcast? Just recently? About a month ago. I, you know, I was seeing how there was this opportunity. I looked into the podcast world and saw that there was a lot of wonderful people involved in it. And I just thought, you know, I’ve been a guest, this might be one, I think I’ve guessed about 18 or 20 podcasts and I’ve really enjoyed it.

And so I thought, you know, it’d be fun to do my own also both as an advertising tool, but also just because. I have toured the world. I got so many incredible experiences, both supernatural and natural. And, um, so I, you know, I’ve got a lot to say, people have always said to me, you should write a book. Well, you know what?

I do love writing as I mentioned, but I think eventually I’ll take all these podcasts and they will become the

James: that’s a great idea. And it was really good. Let’s talk a little bit about challenges that you’ve encountered, creating your podcast.

Michael: Have you, what does that look like when I first got into it?

I was researching. And so many people were down on, well, I happen to have my, I would do mine through anchor and everybody, and that’s a free platform, which I think is wonderful, but a lot of people were down and I said, well, you know, it’s free. And people look down on you, if you do anchor on there’s a lot of conversation about that in the podcast community.

I find it as a wonderful tool. So I overcame that, that concept. And I said, you know, I’m going to go ahead with anchor. It looks like I can work it. And, um, I’ve been very pleased with it. But at first you have to learn to use the tools like with anything in life. And when I started doing computers in the old days, we used cassettes for memory.

So, you know, that was a while back.

James: I’m old enough to remember that as well.

Michael: I don’t think I looked that old James, but I have been around the block for a while. Yeah. So I know about taking your time to. Acquire and learn technology and actually anchored technology worked out fine for me. I love the music breaks.

They can give you and all the things they offer for free. And they’re very intuitive. So yeah, it was that of also people said to me, why are you doing this? Why are you doing this for free? Well, I am monetizing it to a very small minuscule extent with the anchor ad, but I’m doing it because. I really think it’s a great way to tool to communicate.

And if you have something to say, it’s a wonderful platform. I may expand someday and having guests, but right now I have hundreds of interesting and fascinating stories that I’ve experienced in my life. I mean, so, yeah, it was a challenge, not in the sense of content, not the channel sense of, I don’t, I’m uncomfortable on camera or in front of people.

Of course my podcast is only on audio, but I’m very comfortable in all those areas. I guess the only challenge was just getting over the, finding the right technology connected with the community. And I’m really interested in clubhouse now, too. That’s another interesting Avenue, but I’m really finding it.

Fascinating. I recently started finding we’ll talk about more, I’m sure about the COVID issue with my hypnotherapy. And so I also thought that would be another great way to sort of help further that as well.

James: Anchor is such a great way to get on and create content and. When you have strong content, nobody’s going to ask you, well, what platform did you create this on?

You know what I mean? They’re just going to know that I’m connecting with this person whom I’m listening to or watching and, and really that’s what matters.

Michael: Yeah. And the thing about my content is it’s not like anywhere else because it’s my life. So, um, my, my very favorite Beatles songs actually is John Lennon’s in my life, which is Lennon McCartney, but we all know John Lennon did that song.

So, um, anyway in my life, and that’s really how I based my, my show around is, is that it’s in my life. And I will always add though, a current thing, like you’ve probably listened to one of the recent shows, the recent one I did about. What’s fine. And Vegas curse is cursed in Vegas and on that show about my personal experience, but I also bring in a current story about something, go out with a divot box and all of that.

And post Malone.

James: I do want to talk about that, but I don’t want to spoil it either. I do want people to tune in to your show, a download it and listen to it. But let’s dive into that in a few seconds or so here. Okay. Let me, let me ask you a little bit more about your podcast. If I may. Interested in like successes that you’ve had as a result of putting it

Michael: out there.

Well, you know, already, I’m already up to about 30 listeners, which is great. It’s hard to transition people into that from when they’re used to you on other platforms. You know, I have about, uh, Oh, about 800 people that follow me on Facebook and that’s my choice. I don’t really open it up to millions of people because I want to have people that I know that I, that are good clients of mine and you know, that I want to deal with.

So I don’t have. The mass followings. I have people that are all in quality or, you know, quantified people that I want following me, but, um, little by little mills flight over to it. I mean, it’s getting to the, it’s being able to communicate to them that they’re only gonna spend 10 minutes their day, once a week and have a wonderful time.

And as they do, it’s growing, I started with eight people listen to the first week. I’m up to 30 now. So it’s coming along, you know, I’m really excited about that. Yeah,

James: that’s fantastic. You know, that’s growth. I know that you’re new on the scene, so to speak. So am I, but I’m curious, you’ve been doing, you’ve got several episodes under your belt.

What’s some advice that you would give a new podcast or somebody who’s interested in starting one up.

Michael: I think one thing is, and this I encountered because I was working with a group and I almost started a podcast for them at the same time. And then they were, it’s a board of directors that I was with at this particular group, but I won’t mention them, but.

In any case I’m on the board of several associations, international associations. And the first thing we had was, well, how we want to buy the right equipment. We want to buy the right microphones. I’ve learned my entire life with anything I do. It’s not so much the equipment. It’s the person that’s using the equipment.

You can buy the most expensive microphone and hide behind it. But that’s not going to give you talent or ability. Now, when I say talent or ability doesn’t mean that you have an amazing speaking voice, necessarily what it means is you have something important to share and that you’re passionate about.

And if you have that, then you have everything you don’t need. I have a little mic I used for my podcast. My, my wife, Kylie bought me off of, off of Amazon for I think, $20. And it’s fine for me. I use my phone to do the podcast and actually. I’ve had great response so far, have you even used it to audition for other things that I’ve started work on as well for other possibilities?

And no one said, you know, you should use a better mic, right?

James: Yeah. I mean, that’s the, that’s the cool thing about keeping it simple about using platforms like anchor, right? It’s it, the technology doesn’t get into the way of putting content out there, putting your message out there. So yeah, I mean, it just makes sense.

And it

Michael: amazes me with anchor. When you go into their music, sound, their music beds that you use, but that you can pretty much find something that will work for any section of your show. So there’s things in there it’s very basic. Like you say, there’s not like a hundred choices of everything, but again, how do you think McDonald’s became rich as a short set of things or take in and out burger?

Let’s take out that’s even more unless you know, their secret money. Great menu. Their menu is only about eight items and that made millions of dollars. So I think that’s, what’s great about anchor. They have. 10 choices of music and they have this, and it’s very simple. Uh, and it gives everyone that opportunity to be creative within that, within that realm.

And you know, there’s hundreds of possibilities on how you want to use those music beds and how you want to break up your show and all of that. So it really comes to the individual and their creativity more than the tool set itself. Yeah. That’s,

James: that’s very wise advice there for sure. So with your podcast, tell us why.

Should people listen to your podcast?

Michael: Well, like I alluded to earlier a bit it’s because you want to hear some of these stories anywhere, but for me, I’ve literally toured in 25 countries around the world. I’ve seen some very strange and bizarre things and I have, I’ve met a lot of famous stars. Every show won’t necessarily be about the paranormal or our that we have.

The fact you heard a show earlier on about. But the German expressionists era and Hitler and film and how it influenced him and all of that. And so there’ll be different subject matter. I’m getting ready to do a show. I think I’m going to do this for my next subject about the Denver airport, because kind of crazy, a lot of stories about the Denver airport.

So I’m going to be doing that. I float in there many times, the horse statue out front is insane and I’m gonna be covering that, but, but I’m going to have other stories too. Just about like when I spent the day with James Garner. Or when I spent the day on the set of, of a family affair and I went to the sets of Gunsmoke and Gilligan’s Island.

And when I worked with stars like Jodi Messina and country music and open for her show. So I’m going to have a lot of different stories all the time. It won’t be tied down to anything, but like I say, the Lloyd is being unbelievable or amazing or incredible just in a different way. But yes, there’ll be a lot of, I spent it down the dark shadows in New York when it was on the soap opera.

So there will be an episode about that and about how that experience was for me as a child. And that I may have been talking about vampires, some current story of dealing with vampires, the psychology of vampire. So every show will be unique and it’s only me that can do it. Cause I’m the only one that lived this life.

James: Yeah. Yeah. Boy, you’ve, you’ve got a lot of, uh, potential con uh, content and episodes coming up. That’s exciting. Yeah. What are your hopes for your podcast in

Michael: the future? First of all? Well, by having a podcast, it connects with people like yourself and other podcast, or so it’s a good tool in one respect that it helps me to say I have a podcast also, and then they’re more open to having me as a guest.

And the guesting is what really is key to me in the sense of spreading about my COVID gnosis hypnotherapy program and helping people. So I’ve got, since I started that podcast, I made really wonderful connections, but also I think too, It humanizes me and it broadens my story with the people that already.

Are interested in what I do, then book me for my shows and want me for her therapy. And so it’s a good way to communicate every week and just have a 15 minute visit with all my friends every week. So my hope is that I’ll, I guess my aspiration is to get everyone that already is my friend on Facebook to transition, or at least to include a visit with me for 10 minutes a week and just have a chat about something that was interesting from my life.

James: That’s a really great approach. I love the sound of that. That is that’s really neat. Um, before we dive into, you know, the episode that I listened to, I do want to hear more about the COVID gnosis that you were talking about.

Michael: I am a clinical hypnotherapist. I hold a degree in psychology and I’m a certified stress management consultant.

And as I mentioned, I worked at the younger medical group here in Rancho Cucamonga as they’re having a therapy consultant. And so when COVID came along, We’re all talking about the physical aspects about the vaccine and this and that. Of course, there’s a lot of controversy about all those issues naturally, but I don’t get into politics, but I will say that there are going to be a lot of psychological issues and they’re caused not just by the COVID itself, but because also the way the media has handled everything, how they’ve psyched everybody up.

And people have bought so deeply and do a lot of it that, and I’m not saying that COVID is not real. I’m not, don’t take me wrong. I’m not saying that I’m saying that it was built up so badly, psychologically, even today, they’re still only talking about how many deaths we’d raised the threshold of deaths.

They’re not talking about how many people have survived, how many people have had it and it’s over with them and they’re healthy and happy again. They’re never talking about the glass half full, only half empty. So. Forget about the politics part of it. But the, the end product is a lot of people are going to be, are already and will be suffering the mental challenge of that for many decades to come.

And so, because I’m having a therapist I’m pre positioned perfectly to help people with the key issues, which are stress and anxiety. Sleep issues and then confidence issues, because we’ve been out of touch with people so much, and our emotions have been shut off from others so much. There’s so much involved here that to get back into society, to be productive where you were a year and a half ago, all over again is not going to be simple.

There’s going to be things that will need to be dealt with. So giving a therapy is great for that. And I’ll tell you why it’s great for that gyms because it’s not like psychoanalyze wising someone or. Any of that, it doesn’t take years. I can work with our subs guide discussed with you in three, actually four zoom meetings.

So I do four zoom meetings. The first one is just mean business with like we’re talking right now. So I get to know you. And then the other three are the first one’s about the sleep or the stress and anxiety. Second one’s sleeping. Third. One’s about the competence and I send out audio. So hypnosis audios with each session so that you can learn to practice the hypnosis because it is self hypnosis.

So, you know, you do it yourself. I just use my skills to teach you how to do it. So there’s a tool you use to learn for your entire life, and it will keep helping you through this mess as we go along. So, yeah, I think it’s very important work. I’m very passionate about it. And so that’s another aspect of why this podcast helps me to connect in a different way with people in a friendly way and what I call the art of selling without selling.

Because it’s not a hard sell it’s selling without selling. You don’t have to sell anything. If people were fascinated by you and your personality, the other end of it will come along. So yeah, that’s why I’m really passionate about it. And that’s why the podcast is really an essential part of prong of making that successful.

James: That’s great. Thanks for sharing that too. You know, it’s definitely needed. Let’s talk about an episode. I did watch watch. I did listen to what’s haunted in Vegas, curses in Vegas, you know, from the get-go. I mentioned it before your content is right up my alley. Again, I don’t want to give anything away the actress that you were talking about on that.

I believe it was enterprise. I remember her, I did not know that she was, she had passed away.

Michael: Very sad for her because she was. She was quite, she was an up and coming actress and was doing really well. And she was on her way up. So it was, yeah, it’s very sad, but, but yeah, I’m a big star Trek person and actually I’ve worked about a year and a half.

About a year ago. I worked with, with both Jonathan Fredrickson and his wife, Jeannie Francis. At comic Malaya autograph event, I worked with them as their person that kind of took care of them for the day and took care of their money and all of that. And it was really fun working with Jonathan because, you know, he’s so current as the director of discovery and also also the Orville he’s directed a lot of that, but he’s a, he’s a great person and so friendly and kind.

And my daughter was working with Gates Gates, uh, you know, Dr. Crusher that day too. So we spent the whole day with them and bill shout and her shatter was eating pizza next to me and I, and he was talking about bike and was bill Shatner’s really into Vikings. Right? At that point, he was interested in the history of Vikings, how the bike is became to be.

And he’s an interesting guy, but yeah, we had a great time that day, but also I will tell you that Gates’ favorite episode of next gen was. Which is star Trek. The next generation for those that don’t watch star Trek is, uh, one called sub Rosa, which was the best ghost episode ever of next generation. So when I wrote the, I did a thing for scary mush, right?

Wrote a story for Halloween, uh, all about all my ghosts of many of my ghost adventures. So I included that along with the story that I told on the podcast about. Ms Waymire and her and meeting her and then that situation. So it all ties together. But yeah, that was an interesting thing. I mean, that was great because at that time I was not ghost town and I was not a paranormal in bed, so it just happened out of nowhere.

And, um, You know, having, having come out of the experience and this lady’s talking to me that I, I recognized her, but I didn’t because she didn’t look like she did it exactly on the show, you know? Uh, not in uniform and all that. And so when she told me she was working on enterprise, like that’s fascinating.

And then her just kind of being gone, but like a step, it wasn’t, it wasn’t like, Oh, disappeared. There wasn’t like smoke. Cause there was an interest of the hotel right behind the sun. Oh. She just walked back in. Cause it was very cold out. The wind was blowing, so I didn’t even think anything of it. And then three hours later seeing her in this current stark tech magazine, when I got home from Vegas and there she was, and she had been dead for almost a month.

Yeah, that was, I mean, I blew it. I, it, to this day it gives us chills. It was

James: insane. The story is presented. It’s definitely, uh, yeah. Chilling, you know, compelling. I loved it. I loved it. The same, the same with the story about the women in the elevator.

Michael: Yeah, that was crazy too. I mean, Uh, they just, they were definitely full, but that was, I think that in fact is the only time that I personally then, and with Ms.

Waymire, that’s the only time I ever saw a full body spectral image Guild. Spectris I’ve been chasing that ever since, but you know, it’s funny when you chase it is, it’s very hard to find that, but when it just happens, it’s natural, you know? I haven’t told this story, but when I, my raised, I got into a lot of this was because my grandpa, who was a coal miner in West Virginia.

And, um, so he had supernatural experiences and I think that’s been passed down to me one time. He was in the mine. I don’t think I told this story in yet on my podcast, but he was in the mine and he was. Well, you worked for the company. So you live in the company, bill places, you paid the company store for your food.

It’s just like that Tennessee series song 16 tons. If you ever met, you might not remember it, but at any case, that was his life. So he was in the mine one day mining and they had mules in a Canary on it with them, because that was their technology. Then. Does he know if they were safe? So anyway, an angel, he said it was an angel appeared to him in the mud and told him he needed to leave immediately.

And of course you just didn’t do that unless you were really sick, you didn’t do that because your family depended on those few dollars that you would receive to give back to the company store every month. So he left, he took the, he trusted the Angela left. There was an explosion in the mine and side, except for him.

And he came back, he came back, the next, he came back that afternoon. All of his fellow miners were laying along ground and all the family members were picking them up to take them home dead. And so he was the only one that survived that because that angel appeared to him. So I think. Some of that energy has sort of floated to me.

And I think the reason most people never connect that way. Is that an open themselves up to the possibilities? That’s not saying you believe in anything. It’s not like religion or something, but it’s just. Being open to other possibilities. And if you are, life is pretty interesting. I

James: agree. Absolutely. I think people, you know, I think people have a tendency to go through an experience like that or of some type like that.

And then they dismiss it. You know, the rational mind kind of is, you know, they try to reason it out, you know, and, and that wins, right. I think it’s probably for whatever safety reasons or your survival reasons or whatever you don’t like, or, you know, they don’t want to

Michael: look bad. I think also that everybody, especially the media, it develops a lot of skeptics and negativity, even the cartoons on TV.

I mean, I don’t want to, I don’t want it. You know, when I was young, we had the funniest, cartoon, fun cartoons, and things could happen. The road runner. I mean, somebody could run off a cliff and they’d float there and they could run back. There were things that kind of inspired him. Now you have things like the Simpsons where they’re just telling how adult parents are idiots and things like that.

You don’t have things that open people’s imaginations. We have the video games, but in a larger step extent, those video games. Now they feel all the imagination because everything’s there for you. You no longer have to exercise that part of your mind than imagined. So if you don’t have that imagination factor, And you have that skepticism combined with it.

I think we’re not, we’re not experiencing what it is out there and what’s really amazing in life. So

James: speaking of possibilities and the paranormal you visited, Zach Baggins is haunted museum. I’m just going to say I’m a, I’m a ghost adventures. Fan that story about the, uh, the Dibick box and good, good tune in for that one.

Michael: That’s interesting. Um, you know, and again, it could be a combination of a lot of things you could have, you know, the, what happened to post Malone, maybe absorbing some of that energy. It could have affected him psychologically. And some of that is some of his, you know, curse the curse part of it could be part of that, but you know, when tires bought an aircraft and when.

People break into your house. That’s not caused by you. And when that all happens with them short period of time, after being exposed to such, what is considered a very haunted item, you know, and in that museum let’s face it, it may not have been, the divot box could have been just any exposure. Because, I mean, they’ve got an insane stuff in there.

Um, you know, the guy that they based, the silence of the lambs off of it, Hannibal Lecter, they have his boiling pot where he actually boiled people and took their skin off. And they, I mean, it’s, it’s insane stuff. He’s got a hundred dolls galore. Some of the main ones that you’ve heard about. He’s got, he’s got just all of those things in there.

And the Michael Jackson chair from the deathbed and, and Liberace piano, and, and a lot of. Really odd things. I, like I mentioned in my story, uh, my daughter, I love the Bela Lugosi mirror because of course, scrying and looking in the mirrors and looking into the future in mirrors has been something that’s been around since the Greek Europe.

And so if anything captures someone’s energies or, you know, spirit energy, I would think it would be a mirror, especially. So they have a curtain this black over it. And when you walk up, they open the curtain. They don’t want to keep it exposed all the time. We’re just going to be a little bit of theater.

But I’m sure Bella would like that, but, uh, but honestly, yeah, so there’s so much in that museum. Maybe the Dimmick buck X may not be legit, who knows. There’s a lot of controversy about that, but there’s certainly as a lot of items in there that are legitimate and it just bombards you from my wife. I took her in there twice now.

National never go again because every time both times she went there, she leaves and she’s very, very ill. It just, it makes her physically ill to be in that museum. She’s a sensitive. Yeah, but yet she goes on ghost towns with me. She’s my best ghost. You can look up. Some of my YouTube shows my recent goes to in Texas, I’ll be talking about that at some point was amazing.

And the donkey lady bridge and the devil’s bridge. And, uh, so yeah, she goes with me and she does she’s my partner. She is all videos, all my ghost hunting and helps me and the reading things while I’m doing something else. So she’s good with that. But in that museum, it’s just, it’s like a wave of just. Um, you know, it’s crazy.

Have you met Zach? You know, he was there one day and we wanted to meet him. He looks at us and wave and we waved at him. He was about five feet away, but he didn’t want everybody else to notice he was there. So we didn’t get the opportunity I would have loved to because I’d love. I’d love to meet him. You know, I really would.

I love his work. I think he’s very good. He’s sold that in a way that ghost turning in a way that no one else really has ever mastered. Yeah.

James: Um, well, Michael, before we wrap things up, you know, I do have one more question for you.

Michael: Okay.

James: Which famous person or celebrity would you be excited to learn that they listen to your podcast?

Michael: Well, I’ve met so many great ones and there’s not, I don’t want to say this in a negative way. I don’t believe it’s negative. It’s just, there’s not a lot of great stars left, um, or great people like that. I mean, when you’ve been around, I I’ve had Michael Jackson in my audience. Cary grant princess grace from Monaco.

They’ve been in my show audiences through my career. Uh, I’ve met Judy Garland. I’ve so many people in my life. So the people now they’re wonderful, but they’re not quite the same caliber, but I guess somebody who I really would have loved to have been in my audience wouldn’t have been Elvis, but he’s gone, but maybe a spirit can be listening to my show sometime, but.

I suppose I’d have to give a couple answers. Probably Paul McCartney would be one look, Paul McCartney. I actually met John Lennon by the way. And I’ll. That’ll be on a future podcast. That story. Yep. Back in the seventies. I, it’s a crazy story. I skipped school and ran down to Atlanta a hundred miles an hour, one morning when he was on the radio.

But then who else? That story sometime like podcasts, but I guess Paul Mccartin would be one. Chris angel would be one. I really think Christine’s is amazing magician, but really Paul McCartney. And who else do I really look up to? I love lady Gaga, but I think Paul McCartney, that would be the one that I would really be thrilled at.

Paul lifted my pocket and contact me said, Hey mate, I really loved what you did. It was good. You know? So that would be really good. Cool.

James: Michael, tell us where people can find out more about you and your podcast.

Michael: Well, you know, it’s on all the platforms, but most people go to Spotify and they just look for them.

Michael Mezmer, mezz Mer show the Michael Mezmer show. It’ll pop right up. I, if you’re looking for the COVID gnosis therapy, which I really, if you need help right now and you run a reach out, it’s very reasonable. It’s not super expensive. And it’s very, like I say, we do go in form. We can even do one and help you with one L bad anxiety.

So anyway, that’s www dot COVID gnosis C O V I D N O S I S. Uh, Weebly, w E B L And then you can always send me an email at Kip, no Mezmer, H Y P N O Z M E And actually if the first 10 listeners that contact me from your program and mentioned your name, uh, James, and the subject matter and your program, I will send them a free download of a self hypnosis relaxation audio.

James: I’ll get that information from you and we’ll put it in the show and episode show notes so that people can grab it.

Michael: Okay, great.

James: Michael, I have to keep in touch if that’s all right with you and catch up with you down the

Michael: road. Yeah, down the road. Let’s do another show together. We can talk about some more of my crazy life adventures, and I’d love to be on your show again.

And you know, it’s been great talking with you as equally because you’re a great interviewer. You know, what makes a great interviewer is what matters, Johnny. Carson’s so great. And that is a great listener. And if you’re not a great listener, you’ll never be a great interviewer. And, um, as we talked briefly before the show, there are those that are doing podcasts.

Some are not lot, but there are a few out there that are more about wanting to tell their story. Then to share the story of their guests and you do it beautifully, and you really did your research and listen to my programs. You’re awesome. And I know you’re going to have great success in the future, Michael,

James: thank you so much for that.

That’s very nice of you to say the name of the podcast is the Michael Mezmer show. Incredible, amazing, and sometimes unbelievable. Michael, thank you again. We’ll catch up soon.

Michael: Thanks so much. Have an awesome day.

James: Thanks again to Michael Mezmer. Check the show notes for links to learn more about Michael and his podcast.

The Michael Mezmer show. I would love to hear what you got out of this episode. Leave a room review on to let me know the show notes has info for how to do this and feel free to make suggestions for what I can do to make this show even better for you and make sure you subscribe and follow podcast tactics.

You learn even more about podcasting in future episodes. Thank you.

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