How to Launch a Live Stream Comedy Podcast with Joey and Stephen

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In this episode of Podcast Tactics, you will get podcasting tips and advice from long time friends who created a comedy podcast that explores anything and everything in the zeitgeist of today.

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Episode recorded on February 27, 2021.

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James: In this episode of Podcast Tactics, you will get podcasting tips and advice from longtime friends who created a comedy podcast that explores anything and everything in the zeitgeists of today.

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Joining me right now is Joey and Stephen from Knoxville, Tennessee. Hey guys. Thanks for joining me.

Joey & Stephen: Hey, thanks for having us. How you

James: doing? Let’s dive right in and tell us about your podcast. What’s the name of it and what’s it all about?

Joey & Stephen: Uh, so, uh, it’s the B3F Podcast. Um, and originally it started out as B F F F, and then we decided that didn’t roll off the tongue as well as B3F.

And I don’t know, I’m assuming you’ll, you’ll edit your sense of this, but it stands to BFF is best fucking friends forever. Right. Okay, cool. Yeah. We’ve been friends for 23 ish years and we finally live in the same city and we’ve been talking for a few years about doing a podcast and it’s. It’s just us and occasional guest, and it’s an easy way to get our wives to let us hang out with them,

James: get together and do a little drinking

Joey & Stephen: together.

Yeah, absolutely. That’s it? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

James: So I’m glad you, uh, explain the, the three AF I was going to ask you what it was, but yeah, no, that’s brilliant. I love it. So you guys have been going at this for a while now.

Joey & Stephen: Uh, almost a year. Just a little over a year. Yeah. Yeah. Like year and three months.

Something like that? No, no, no. We started in August about a year and a half about right at a year and a half, like 2019. Yeah. August, 2019. We started, uh, tonight when we record, it’ll be episode 83. We do, we do one a week without fail, actually. Wow.

James: Some

Joey & Stephen: consistency. My wife said to me today, I really kinda thought you guys will be done with this by now.

So, so did I, in all fairness,

James: so let’s talk about that actually. I mean, you know, have you, have you experienced some growth, some growth in linear listenership? What does that look like?

Joey & Stephen: It’s it’s actually, it’s been a very slow roll cause both of us because of a lot of our content. Um, we don’t really advertise it on our personal pages because of work and things like that.

Yeah. And we both have very, very conservative families. And so most of the people, so our growth has been it’s, it’s been growth, but it’s been pretty organic and slow people that have liked to have shared it and kind of on, um, so it’s, it’s. It’s picked up more. We’ve managed to get some pretty decent guests over the last, um, a few months and that’s boosted things significantly.

So it’s, it’s, it’s growing slower than we’d like, obviously, but enough that, uh, you know, I haven’t just, you know, quick. Right, right. Yeah. That’s yeah. He put it, he put it great. That’s exactly how it is. Yeah.

James: All right. Let’s dig in a little bit more here. I’m going to ask you guys so. What do you guys hate about podcasting

Joey & Stephen: spending time with him?

Yeah. That that’d be, gets an, they can be annoying for sure. I mean, when you’ve known somebody that long. Yeah. I think as far as the actual act of podcasting for me though, is just. Not having necessarily tangible results. Right? Cause there’s, you see trends between things there’s not always a way to quantify or put a thumb on what’s working and what’s not.

So you just kind of have to stay the course of what, what you’re enjoying and. Yeah, well, we both have come from a music background, him doing it more so than, than I ever did. But the audience, when you’re playing music is it’s instantaneous. It’s like stand up comedy or something like that. It’s instantaneous.

So that’s one reason. I think that we’ve kind of. Progressed into doing a live stream when we record so that we can get some instantaneous interaction, people that are watching. I need my ego stroke, man. I need it. Yeah. That’s the thing. I mean, well, once you commit to doing something every week, uh, and cause I’m a big believer in.

If you want to have a successful podcast, they got to know when you’re going to be available. Like when you’re there, it’s gotta be consistent. And so there’s plenty of weekends where it’s been like, Jesus, I really don’t feel like doing this. And, but you just have to anyway. And those are probably some of the worst episodes.

James: No, no, that’s, that’s actually, that’s perfect. Let’s try to remember. I, I lost track of what I was going to ask you guys next. Cause I keyed on something and I. Totally spaced out, but I’m sure it’ll come back

Joey & Stephen: to me. Every one of our episodes. I remember nothing effort.

James: So let’s switch over. Let’s talk about what you guys love about podcasting.

Joey & Stephen: It really would I get to leave at the end of the episode last week, you stayed all night long. I got inside your head way too much weed. And on every episode and we had a guest and I think so far, my favorite part is when we’ve, we’ve kind of hammered into doing more guests lately. And it’s just getting to talk to, uh, people that you usually wouldn’t get an opportunity to talk to.

And. Something we try hard to do is not to have a standard Q and a type of interview, but for it to be more of a conversation hangout. So you get some cool stories and you get to see a lot more of, uh, that person than you, I think usually would with a normal interview. So that’s probably been consistently my favorite part of some of the people who’ve gotten to.

Well, shoot the shit with, and that works really good for the two of us, because I am definitely more of a preparation kind of person and he’s a more, oh my God. Off the cuff kind of thing. And so I’ll jot down ideas rather than questions. And so I try to let us just get there organically with, with the guest, but, um, definitely if it doesn’t get there, I’ll ask, but.

To, to his point, like we’re pretty much open to talk to anyone and that’s about anything. We had one of the, the, one of the forefront, one of the guys on the forefront of the flat earth movement. And neither of us are flat earthers, but it was a really great conversation with the guy. I mean, he wasn’t an asshole.

Like we kind of thought he might be, and we weren’t either. It was just a really interesting conversation with a guy. So I do want to.

James: I do want to get into that. Cause that is one of the episodes that I listened to. But before we do that, I, you know, I wanted to ask you guys, like in terms of being co-hosts.

You know, arranging that. What is that? How is that? I mean, you guys have known each other for 20 years, so maybe it just comes naturally, but right. I

Joey & Stephen: let him do everything we know now it’s come pretty natural. I do most of the audio, the mixing and getting that ready. He’s kind of taken the lead on the video stuff.

Cause that’s something that he’s wanted. Um, he’s definitely way more organized. And like you said, to the point that I am, so a lot of that stuff, um, he’s done, I really hate social media, so I’ve kind of let him do that, but I’ll still bitch about him doing a shitty job on social media. So, but as a whole, it’s been fun.

We’ve had a couple of back and forth on some stuff, but for the most part, it’s been a pretty. Okay. It gives you because I cherish you, boo. Is that way I wish I could say the same, that it really has really kind of organically just kind of worked out like it. We have the road and we didn’t have that to start with.

It was really a lot more of individual files that he’s. He’s dealing with and things like that. And, and we would bounce back and forth and just finally, it was just like, he just does anything audio he’s handling it. Uh, video stuff is more in my court, but we, we bounced back and forth off of each other when it comes to stuff like that.


James: definitely your guys is. Rapport with each other, you know, it comes across. I mean, you guys are definitely buddies your episodes. It’s very much like hanging out with you guys. It’s a lot of fun.

Joey & Stephen: We’re the only, he’s the only person for me. And I’m going to pray for him that we can stand hanging out with each other for that, for that amount of time.

Yeah. Yeah.

James: So talk to me about how you guys are. I think you guys touched on it a little bit, but, um, how are you guys growing your podcast? What are your promotional. Channels. Do you have any advice around that?

Joey & Stephen: Oh, well there’s something we’ve told. We’ve, that’s one thing we’ve been, I’m actually pretty poor at that we could do a whole lot better.

It’s actually taken some time doing some promoted posts, doing some paid ads. Um, 90% of what we’ve done, what we’ve done have been just through Instagram and, um, getting our guests and trying to get them to say, Hey, you know, share this. We’ve had a couple that have actually used our episode with them as.

Their episode, the following week, um, which has been pretty cool. Um, we’re still a little bitter that a couple of people were like, oh yeah, we’ll totally have you on our podcast. And then they didn’t because they’re liars. But, uh, um, but, uh, but really, I think that’s been the bulk of ours is cross-promotion.

Um, with people has been the bulk of. Ours. I mean, we there’s, it’s an area we definitely could do more and do better in for sure. But, you know, I work 50, 60 hours a week. So does he, and you know, we’re in any more lazy?

James: Wow. I wouldn’t say that. I mean, you guys are working 50, 60 hours a week and doing a podcast on top of that.

That’s not an easy undertaking.

Joey & Stephen: It’s not, and, and it shows no. So I’m sorry, just to go back to one of your earlier questions real quick. Jeez. Social media is my least favorite thing about it. Having to keep up with social media. That’s the short answer for that? Oh, he had this, he got that. You said social media and that you hated.

I thought, yeah, that is, that is my least favorite thing, but I let you do it because I know you do. Um, it has like used to been on organic growth. I mean, Uh, we have some other shows that we consider friends of the show that we promote them regularly as well. They, they will call in one, one or two of the hosts will call into us on occasion when they see that we’re live streaming and things like that.

And it’s just, it’s carry over from other shows and just organic through social media with, without any promoted posts, we should have told him to take a shot every time you said organic to that at first though. Yeah, but I said it well, well, I’m just following your lead.

James: Talk to me about how you guys get your guests. What, how are you dialing in to these people? Oh

Joey & Stephen: man, shameless, shameless, self promotion. No, actually a lot of it has been, um, it started out people we knew or people that we, you know, whatever well business owners, local business owners is kind of where it really started.

Um, we, for us with our content, it’s off-brand for a lot of people. And so in which we totally understand, like if I had a reputable business, there’s no way I would come on our podcast, but you know, some, a barber shops, uh, you know, uh, there’s a couple of veteran owned. The companies that we got to come on and then that just kind of grew out from there.

Then I started, um, email blasting, just some people that we’d like to have them, you know, not like trying to get Ryan Reynolds on who is my, my, I would press your white whale to my white whale, but, um, you know, but going forward. Yeah, absolutely. We had a win-win, which is all for the forest and fire series.

He was the host for them as a show. My dad loved him. And so we’ve gotten kind of lucky, uh, with a few and, but that’s opened the doors for. Other guests. So really it was just, uh, outside of. Uh, contact things has just been emailed on like, Hey, you want to, we’ve got this podcast you want to come on. And few people have been like, yeah, that’d be, that’d be super awesome.

And some people have been like, nah, like I emailed SETI. And I was like the, uh, they were like, yeah, no, but they replied. And I was like, okay. Right. But, uh, yeah, so it’s been a lot of that. Um, there’s a site called that I found, which sounds like a really. Disgusting dating site for podcasts, but yeah.

Um, but we’ve gotten a few guests, uh, from there and in connected with some people. So it’s kind of across the board, but really a lot of us just desperate emailing to, you know, anybody we think might consider coming on. Well, it’s worked.

James: Yeah. Yeah.

Joey & Stephen: All right.

James: Let’s get into a little bit of an episode discussion here.

I did listen to a couple of your shows. Okay. The first one I listened to was spicy Mike curly. Oh yeah,

Joey & Stephen: yeah. Yeah.

James: I got to say, when you guys put, uh, when you submitted your submission to come on, you said something like we’re rough around the edges. Um, yes. That’s a load of crap. I’m going to say you’re.

Audio is on point

Joey & Stephen: and I think personality wise, personality wise, we’re rough around. I would say we’re rough all the way to the middle that we can be abrasive, right? Yeah, no, I, you said about the audio. That’s one thing we said from the beginning and pride ourselves on that we. Have really good audio. Um, and that’s, our content might be garbage as Raymond.

It sounds, at least it’s not going to hurt your ears. Right. That’s that’s the one thing we wanted from the start, make sure that the audio quality is good. So how do

James: you do that? How do you make sure the audio quality is.

Joey & Stephen: Good. Well, it started out, we both have a background in audio. We both went to school for audio production and engineering.

He graduated. I did not, but I’m still way better at it. Um, and so we did do everything multi-track and then I’d mix everything afterwards and it was, um, kind of a pain and I still do, but we picked up a road caster, which we’re not endorsed by them. Jesus, I wish we were, but it’s been the single greatest piece of equipment I’ve ever bought audio wise.

I see. Now, um, if I run out of time, something happens. We can upload straight off of that. I still like to do it myself after it just cause I’m. Picky with that stuff, but, um, it’s super, super easy now. It’s oh my gosh. It’s I wish I have had this for forever go since we started doing this,

James: but yeah. All right.

So I’m going to, I’m going to have to ask, because I’m a newbie. Talk to me about the Roadmaster. What does that

Joey & Stephen: do? Oh, everything, everything, everything except for cookie breakfast in the morning, all the audio you’re getting right now is coming from this. Your audio is coming back to us through this. Uh, basically it’s, it’s, it’ll take four mics.

It’ll take Bluetooth USB in and out and a phone plug directly. And then also has a full stout. Sound pad bank, uh, for prerecorded, for intros, outros, all that stuff. Volume gets turned down in it, but, um, yeah, but he records, um, on an SD card or you can multi-track it onto a computer. Um, after it records, it’ll give you multiple tracks.

You can make separately, or it’ll give you the stereo checks straight off of this guy that you can just. Like upload in whatever format you need to. Um, and it sounds great legitimately, right? Like what you hear in your headphones is what you hear coming out. Like it’s fantastic. So yeah, in each, each set of headphones going in is completely, you can adjust the audio, you can force that to happen and going in and just that volume, however you want it.

I mean, so it just, it makes everything really simplified. So it’s literally, you can plug and play. You don’t have to have any audio, if you could make it sound good to yourself, it sounds good coming

James: out. That’s awesome. That’s good to know. Great. Another piece of equipment, right, right.

Joey & Stephen: Oh my God. Like he, like, I wanted to buy one and he was like, dude, we don’t need that.

I was like, I know you don’t need it, but I want it so bad. That’s it. And uh, so I bought it and he was like, I can’t believe you bought that. And then after we use it, he was like, man, I’m so glad you bought that. I’m like, yeah, I know. Right. Well between, well, I mean, there’s. We, we, we’re not getting paid for this shit.

We’re not like we have road mikes and it has preset settings. Like you can select which road Mike you’re using and it’s preset has for other mikes too. It does, but I mean, rode and rode it. It just, it goes great. Anyway, regardless, that’s what we end up using and it’s made, it’s cut down my, uh, post Showtime and half

James: at least.

Yeah. How about that 10 Akilah. How was that? Oh, my

Joey & Stephen: God. It was so bad. Once you put lime in it, it was not nearly as bad as this bag, but straight, uh, it tasted like it tasted like a tequila flavored vodka is what it rewind a little bit. Yeah. Yeah. It was not good. I drank way too. My buddy told me I was like noticeably shit face at the end of that episode.

I really, I didn’t think I was that bad, but it was, yeah, I stayed here that night. Yeah. Yeah. So, yeah, it wasn’t bad mix was lying, but it wasn’t great by itself.

James: All right. I really do want to talk to you guys about the David Weiss and the flat earth episode. Um, going into that, I mean, how, okay, so you guys said at the beginning of the episode that you are not flat earthers, I mean, going into that episode, what were you, what were your expectations?

If anything.

Joey & Stephen: Um, you know, for me, I did like talked about it a lot beforehand and, you know, cause there’s so many angles you could come in like, Hey, I’m going to argue with this guy. You know, I’m going to pretend like I agree with everything, you know, whatever the case may be. And I just said, I’m just going to talk to him.

Like I don’t expect to have my mind changed to be a flat earth. Right. That’s. Absurd to me, but I was like, it doesn’t mean I can’t have an open conversation with the guy. If he says something that’s interesting. I can ask him a question on it. Like, I, it doesn’t, it’s kind of like anything else, like everything doesn’t have to be an argument.

If, if you know you disagree coming in, there’s no sense to be a jerk and come out, swinging, like let the guy talk. And it’s my show. You know, if I want to hang up on the guy, I can hang up on the guy, but there’s no reason. Like, I’m not afraid that him being a flat earth or is going to convert me against my will to being a flat earth or, you know, so there’s no harm in letting the guy talk.

And if another grown human being listened to podcast and converts being a flat earth or will flusher grownup, I’m sorry. Am I allowed to cuss this? I apologize. Okay. I’ll just

James: put the ear on the, uh, on the

Joey & Stephen: episode. Awesome. Awesome. Prior military managers, it spits out like. I guess like that before I met not nearly as bad, but yeah.

I mean, David Weiss reached out to us and asked if, if he could come on the show. So, um, yeah, it was like, huh. Shit. Hell yeah. I mean, he’s, he was on Alex Jones, which I’m not promoting Alex Jones, but I mean, that’s a pretty popular thing. I mean, so, yeah. And I would say we’ve gotten some listeners off of having David Watson that have stuck around, but as far as our, um, stream of it goes, the video on YouTube, it’s gotten way more views than anything else we’ve gotten.

It was a fun episode. Leslie enjoyed it. Yeah. Well, for me coming into it too, like I truly enjoy, I don’t like people, but I like talking to people. If that makes sense. Like, I like having conversation the regardless of, of, of what it’s about. I don’t necessarily want to sit and, you know, go hang out at a bar afterwards with David Weiss, but talking to him on the podcast was fantastic.

I thoroughly enjoyed. The conversation. Um, and we look at things much, much differently, which is funny. Cause I tend to be a lot more conceptual and you’re very literal. And so it was, it was fun for me to hear the dynamic between when you guys talked. And when I talk, we argue half the time we get in arguments is because it’s semantics.

Like I’m saying, no, this is this. And he’s like, no, but you said this. It drives me absolutely crazy. But, um, but I think it makes for a good time talking to guests, especially when I’m like, that’s the stupidest question you could’ve asked and you’re like, really? You just said that, you know, it’s fun.

James: Well, I have to say it did take me a little while as I was prepping for this interview, it took me a little while to like figure out like, are they flat earthers or what’s, you know, you guys rode that fence for like a long time.

What’s going on. I mean, Stephen, I think it was you that said I don’t care if it’s a global flat, you know? Yeah. I

Joey & Stephen: nailed it. No, actually, I think I said that to him  cause somebody else responded to one of our posts or something and she said, well, what if such and such, you know what, if you know, the government’s lying to you about whatever.

And I think Stephen actually ended up going on our account and replying to it. It was like, Not the same thing. Like the government lies to us about everything all the time. So yeah, yeah, yeah. That’s what I said to him. He’s like, I don’t, I don’t care if I woke up tomorrow and NASA said, Hey, we’ve been lying to you there.

This flat, do I still have to go to work? And then come back here on Saturday and sit across from this asshole. Yeah, then I really don’t care if the earth is flat or round, it really doesn’t make a difference, but that made it fun. Like not, not going into it, wanting to be combative. And just to talk about like, cause I told Joey, it’s like, you know, we’re joking.

I was like, I might become a flat earth or after this, you know? But, um, but just being open because. The conversation changes when you automatically come in with something to prove, or with your hands up in front of you, then the dynamic of that is going to be much less enjoyable. And my whole thing is like, I want the episode to be fun.

And if we’re just being assholes to each other the entire time, like nobody, some people are going to get off on that, but it’s not nearly as much fun. And then the comment section though, on any. Media posts with that where there’s so much fun. Oh my God. I’ve never heard so much politically incorrect language from both people just being names and yeah, it was, it was, we used to see those comments live while we’re recording and they were, I think the half the people weren’t even listening or watching the show, they’re just arguing.

Great. Yeah.

James: Can you talk to us a little bit about, you know, what it’s like to, um, Go live on YouTube and take calls like that. That seems really overwhelming

Joey & Stephen: to me. Um, well, one, one more plug for this. This makes it so much easier. It does. It does. Um, but outside of that, like there’s times it’s hard. If there’s a lot in it’s just us, because then I’m trying to watch the screen or whatever, and we miss stuff, but really it’s been kind of fun.

Um, we’ve got a couple of people that like to call in consistently and just interrupt or whatever. And, um, but because we’re. I don’t know, I enjoy, I actually drink more. It’s a little more frustrating sometimes if you’ve got a section time and nobody’s on and you’re like, why are we doing this live? Right.

But then, you know, somebody will pop on and do some stuff. And then we occasionally have quite a few and then we’ll have some nights that we might have five people the entire two hours. You know, the funny thing is, is we’ll go on break. And we keep the stream going, but we have a little thing that pops up says, Hey, we’ll be right back.

You know, we’re on break, whatever. And then we’ll come to sit down and there’ll be like five people sitting there. And as soon as we start talking, it fucking goes to them zero. We were just like, yeah, they just wanted to see our are pretty old school. Yeah. That’s, that’s the biggest, uh, it’s fun, but it’s frustrating to me is getting over.

Seeing people come on and, and drop off is like, did I not say anything at all? Funny, or, and that didn’t 20 seconds that they were on. You’re probably right. The funny one is that what it is? You’re the cute one. And it’s just why they should be on the live stream. No, we have a thing on our website. It’s called tell us what you really think.

And it’s a completely anonymous place. You can review us individually and the podcast. Yes. And we encourage negative feedback. Like we really, really liked that. And somebody got in there once and said that he was the Q1 and I was the funny one. He tells it like it is, and I don’t miss it. I was reading some crazy stuff on there.

Yeah. It’s fun.

James: I want to ask both of you. What’s one piece of advice that you would give somebody who is interested in starting a podcast. Don’t

Joey & Stephen: no, go ahead. You go ahead. Um, I think it would be, be flexible with your, um, vision of what, what it’s going to be. Um, like it’s good to have I have, in my opinion direction, like, Hey, this is the type of podcast that I want to have.

Right. But then as you go, you might find out that your personality or the way you look at things might not quite fit that genre. So be flexible in that because everybody. Whether it’s good or stupid or whatever, like, but everybody has something to say to throw out there and everyone has someone else that will.

Wants to hear it, right? It’s, it’s, there’s a really weird dynamic, no matter how much bullshit somebody might be spitting, somebody wants to hear that bullshit. You know what I mean? And so I think just being flexible in the direction you’re willing to take might be the best way to put it. If you’re wanting to do a true, true crime podcast.

Awesome. But it might not get the traction in the area you think it’s going to get that doesn’t mean you have to change yannaras but you know, just be open to. Your audience is going to kind of tell you what they want. We’ve kind of forced our fists down our audience’s throat a lot of times, but we have changed a lot since the beginning of what we’ve done.

So I think flexibility is key and not getting really frustrated at the beginning when you’re looking at your downloads and you’ve got like three, um, cause like for us, When we first started getting like 25, I’m like, I don’t know, 25 people listening to this shit. Like he was like, I don’t know, 20 people like, yeah.

So I can count four for me. You can count three for him. I was like, so that means 14 people we don’t know are listening to this. Like, that’s pretty sweet. So if you look at your numbers that way, if all your parents are listened to and you have to share, that’s frustrating. But when you start getting the more, you’re getting bigger numbers.

Then people you actually know, then it’s like, okay. So if, whether it’s you’re getting 10,000 or you’re getting 20 people, you don’t know her what you have to say and that’s encouraging in and of itself. Yeah. And to tag onto that, and I can say there are little things that happen here and there that are encouraging or validating.

However you want to put it. Like, you may have a day and you let you think this week’s episode is just awful. And then all of a sudden you’ll get several listens on that, but then it spreads out and, and you. Early on, then you look and you go, wow. 300 downloads in one day is insane too, to, you know, too many early on when we had the happen.

Well, a few weeks ago, somebody called in, we don’t know their name. We don’t know anything about them. Really. We have some ideas, but it’s not somebody we know, but they just called me and were like, Hey, I just wanted to say you guys are great. You’re my favorite show that I listen to and watch every week.

So weird. It is so weird. It’s just strange. I’m thankful for that, but it’s so strange. And it’s like, all right, that’ll get me through another, a few weeks. I think it’s be flexible and don’t, and don’t get discouraged because you’re not going to have like some people. We always say that’s same way in doing music.

You’ll see somebody, or you’re hear a podcast. You’re like, they suck and they have like 20,000 lists and they’re like, how is this even possible? And then, you know, and then you’ll see another podcast, like, you know, like ours, that’s amazing. And we have, you know, far less than that, but, uh, I, I think you just can’t get too focused on numbers and either do it because you really enjoy doing it.

Um, Or you just stopped doing it. Like if the whole sole reason you’re doing it as an independent person is to immediately have thousands of listeners. You’re probably going to end up pretty discouraged pretty quick, unless you have a built in network, which some people do, you know, or your sweet, we’re both fucking 40 years old.

We’re almost way too old to have a podcast. Right. You know, So, yeah. Does that answer your question? I just started rambling, man, and I listened to myself talk and then it was, you know, I imagine it was like for us listening, I know.

James: Sorry. What about you? What’s the one piece of advice you would give a new podcast

Joey & Stephen: or what?

So, one of the last things he said was like, don’t, don’t get discouraged if you really enjoy doing it, that’s what I would then just do it. I mean, it just is what it is and don’t. Uh, don’t put a lot of money into it, but making sure you’re putting out the best product, you can put a lot of money into it.

If you can afford it, whatever, if you’re, if you’re a millionaire or you got daddy’s money or mommy’s money or whatever, fine, I don’t care build yourself your own studio, but for us, where everything we have in here is completely out of pocket. Like it’s just a little over time credits. Yeah. I mean, that’s, that’s it don’t don’t get discouraged, but put out a good product.

So many people put out. You know, like years, like, I don’t know. How, how long have you been broadcasting? If you don’t want me to ask him,

James: I’ve been doing this literally for a couple of weeks. So you guys were one of the few, not few, one of the many people that had responded to that Facebook post that I put up and it was like, that exploded.

It was literally like, oh, okay. I guess I’m going to do this. And so, yeah, I mean, I haven’t even aired my first episode

Joey & Stephen: yet, but your audio is great. Like, we can hear you really well. You don’t sound like you’re in a closet. So I mean, you’re, you’re 10 steps ahead, you know, just. Based on this, you know, and I appreciate that your camera’s decent.

I mean, like you said, it’s all you look professional from the get go. Like I had assumed, like, I didn’t know anything about that. He was like, oh, we have this interview in six. So I came on and when I saw you come on, I was like, okay, he’s been doing this for a little bit. So, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s a good thing.

Thank you for that. Appreciate it. Yeah. I mean, there are people that I’ve seen asked the question, like I’m recording on my phone and they’re literally hitting record and setting the phone and talking and do it. And I’m like, if that’s all you can afford fine. But there’s free software out there. That’s going to make it sound better because it’s hard to listen to something, especially something new.

If the audio sucks, you don’t know what you don’t know. You’re right. I agree with that. Yeah. But that’s why, that’s why you have these groups on Facebook, but how much bad advice that’s like asking? Sure. You know, your other dude, friends for dating advice. They’re, they’re going to give you shitty advice. I agree with that.

I mean, there are people out there, but there are people out there on Facebook that live to build other people up surprisingly, and, and yeah, you can get some good advice out there. You can get some bad advice out there, but audacity people live and die by audacity and I don’t get it. So anyway,

James: sorry. I’m not gonna, I’m not going to say what I’m using right now to record my audio.

Um, let’s move on.

Joey & Stephen: Shall we? Right. If you’re using good gear, there’s nothing wrong with that. That’s it. There’s nothing wrong if you, if, but I know people that are just like, that’s, that’s the end all be all for them is I got to use audacity. I’m like, but you don’t. If audacity is not working for you, there’s other stuff.

He hates specific things much more than I do in that. I do. You do.

James: Well, let me ask you guys this, and I do want both of you to respond to this one as well. God, what is it that you want people to get out of listening to your show? Why should people listen to your podcast?

Joey & Stephen: You’re goddamn. Hilarious. No, it’s yet.

It’s like. I don’t know because it’s like sitting in the room with two people and just, it is literally like before the show and don’t break. And after we sit down on my back deck and patio and we’d smoke cigarettes and cigars and drink and we just bullshit and it’s exactly the same thing. And that’s, that’s it.

If, you know, if you’re lost and alone, you will find me time after time, you know, for, for me, I think it’s like, honestly, I have. Um, it’s kind of like that are not that I’m calling up an artist, but then like this equal parts of self-loathing and narcissism. Right. And so there’s this bit of, like, I liked the attention and feeling like somebody is listening to what I’m saying.

Um, I mean, I’m shamelessly say that I don’t, I don’t care. Like I like attention and I think there’s also in, we’ve been friends for long enough, and I think there’s almost this small, like unspoken competition that like, I want to be funnier than Joey this week, or he wants to be shorter than me or, and so it’s almost.

Part of it is just like, I want to be more awesome on this show than he is. And so like, I can’t quit because then he wins, you know, or whatever the case may be. And you don’t want hunter sitting in this seat. Oh my God, fuck up here. But, um, but, but really for me, I think the bottom line is I just want people to.

I just want, cause I don’t, I’m not a big pot. Like I hate podcasts really. I don’t listen to them for the most part. There’s a couple, I listen to music and so like, I don’t have anything of, in my mind of wanting to be at any type of level, but the few that I do listen to, I just enjoy because I feel like that I’m.

Even if I’m not interacting, I feel like that I’m interacting. If that makes sense, like I’m enjoying the conversation that they’re having. Um, and so I think that’s what I would want somebody to get out of hours. Kind of like what you said, but I just, well, no, I mean, that’s the big thing about when you listen to, um, Joe Rogan or bill Burr or an billboard baffles me how he does that podcast every week just by himself.

But when you listen to those, you. You start to feel over time. Like you really know that person. Yeah. And like you said, the interaction and that’s kind of, I like that. I want people to feel like they can reach out when, with questions to shit and really expect a, a legitimate answer. Now we’re going to spin it.

Hey, I’m

James: having a podcast newbie moment here. My son just came walking in. I could not think of. Two better people that that could have happened too. Um, sorry about

Joey & Stephen: that. Uh, we, we had, uh, what will Willis on the other day? And a few months ago, his kid came down and his wife and I, we don’t, we don’t care.

It’s fine. Yeah, it’s fine. Um, I guess what kind of on technical on what you were saying, as far as that experience, it also, like when we have guests, I like people to listen and feel like that they’re getting part of a conversation that they wouldn’t get. Normally, if that makes any sense at all.

James: Absolute sense.

I mean, the context under which you guys are. Yeah. Interviewing people and having these conversations is extremely unique and you bring your own flavor to it. You guys have a chemistry with each other, and I feel like it, it it’s very engaging and it makes me want to, I mean, you guys are funny. Thank you.

You know, so I mean, it’s like, it’s funny

Joey & Stephen: this question, we all know, you all

James: know the answer. It’s fine. All right. It’s time machine time, guys. Okay. We’re going to go in the future. A year or two down the road. Okay. Looking back. What are your guys’ hopes for your podcast?

Joey & Stephen: So looking back, we’re hoping. Okay. Um, I was gonna say, I hope I killed baby Hitler, but that’s ongoing in the future.

I killed future Hitler. It’s nice. It’s nice. No, um, you know, at the risk of sounding right now, I don’t, cause I don’t want to sound too stingy. I would love to have, I would love to average. A thousand, a thousand downloads. Like per a thousand to 5,000 downloads per episode, but I’d love to have, um, a lot of people on our stream to interact with us.

Our live stream that’s really I’ve progressed from caring. I don’t care as much about the recorded version that comes out on Mondays as I do the live stream that that’s on Saturday nights. That’s more important to me at this point than the audio version. It just is because it’s. Instant gratification.

It’s true. That’s it? That’s the thing. Um, I would like, we would like to have an LLC so that, um, that we can pay for things out of, of, of the business and buy all this equipment back from us. Taxes can get tax breaks. That’s that’s it? I mean, just continued steady growth. I mean, that’s, that’s the, I think if I’m in the future and I’m looking back on the podcast, I’m thinking good job, getting that.

Presidential medal of honor guys. No, that’s not what you’re thinking. Good job. Good job. Changing the face of the planet. Yeah, no, I think for me, just, I just it’s done. I want it to have been done, you know, like I don’t want to, I want to be able to look back and say, Hey, we finished this whenever that we might still be recording, like in 20 years.

I don’t know. He knows, but, um, but at least be at the point where either. Like, I feel like that we finished at a good time. Um, and then we ran its course. I think that’s because like, I don’t want to, we both have time. This shit that was signed. That was the, one of the worst endings for what I’m talking about.

Go out on top. Yeah. I want to go out on top. Yeah. Yeah. Um, and so for us, like, cause there’s times. Especially knowing each other, as long as we have, there are times like, I fuck it. I’m tired of doing this podcast. I it’s stupid. I’m tired of putting the time. Um, and then we usually end up having a good time by the end of the episode.

Yeah. Usually there’s been once or twice. I’m just like, uh, yeah, but for the most part it’s been good. Um, but like, if I was like, you know, fuck this, I quit. Like right now, we’d be friends again after a week or two, but there’d be like, ah, we probably could have had, we probably could have done some more with that type of deal.

But, yeah, that’s it. We, we like, if you’re going to break up, when you got to do it on the podcast. In my last episode, I, yeah, I, I had something else I was going to say. And then when you said a break and when we said break up on the podcast, I lost it. Cause it was a better answer. You’re right. It was all right, guys.

James: One more question. Before we wrap things up here. Okay. If no, no, no. Excuse me. When your podcast gets developed into a movie who will be playing the leading roles.

Joey & Stephen: Ryan Reynolds still play me because he doesn’t look anything. That’s fair. Jonah hill Jonah,

who would play the leading roles. That’s interesting one. Huh? I bet. How about Judas? You pick who would play me and I’ll pick who would play you. Ooh. Okay, go ahead. No, you first I’m thinking, you’re thinking, I’m thinking, um, uh, let’s see here. Um, Andrew Garfield or Chris Hammons?

yeah, I’ll take Chris out. And Chris Ammons or Andrew Garfield or Tom Holland. I’ll let you be the new Spiderman at least

James: drew Carey. Okay. Tell us where people can find out more about you and your show.

Joey & Stephen: Uh, B3 of It’s got links to all of our socials. Uh, all of our audio is there, all of our videos there, um, you can say mean things to us. We’ve got links to all of our friends, podcasts. I shouldn’t even say friends people’s podcasts that were like, yep.

Yeah. B3 of

James: Perfect. That’s it. Okay. Thank you so much for coming on. I had a great time. You guys are really funny. I wish you the best of luck, you know, moving forward, you know, I believe you guys can make it happen. Just keep doing what you’re doing. I think it’s a riot. I can’t wait to listen to some more of your show.

I’m hoping that we can stay in contact, you know, keep in touch

Joey & Stephen: when, when you’re going to come on our show. Let

James: me know when you want me to come on and I’ll be glad to bring the I’ll bring the 10 Akilah.

Joey & Stephen: Oh, Jesus Christ. No, you’re in you’re uninvited. Where are you recording? Where are you recording from?

I’m in San Diego. San Diego. Okay. Right on. I smell it. Trip. Bring the road caster,


Joey & Stephen: Yeah.

James: All right. My friend. All right, guys. The name of the pub, the name of the show is B3F podcast, guys. Thanks again. I wish you the best of luck. Thanks

Joey & Stephen: for having us.

James: Thanks again to Joey and Stephen. Check the show notes for links to learn more about Joey and Stephen and their show B3F Podcast.

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