How to Launch a Politcally Conservative Podcast with Scott Harris

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Learn how to start a podcast to amplify your political ideals. Today’s Podcast Tactics guest is a Constitutional Conservative who launched a show during the 2020 United States presidential election. By his own admission, his show is controversial, but many of the challenges he’s ran into are common among podcast creators. Listen in to learn how he’s tackling these issues to add his voice to the political discourse.

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Episode recorded on April 3, 2021.

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James: In this episode of Podcast Tactics, you will learn about a Constitutional Conservative’s journey into podcasting. By his own admission, his show is controversial, but many of the challenges he’s ran into are common among podcast creators. Listen in to learn how he’s tackling these issues to add his voice to the political discourse.

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I’m James, the host of Podcast Tactics. Thanks for listening in. Now, let’s get into it!

Scott: Joining

James: me at the mic. Is Scott Harris from Fresno, California. Welcome to the show, Scott. Thanks for coming on.

Scott: Thank you for having me, James. I’m looking forward to this. Well,

James: let’s get into it. Let’s talk about your podcast. What’s the name of the show, right? And

Scott: what’s it all about? My podcast is called Constitutional Patriot Podcast.

It’s very political and deals with constitutional rights and, um, very conservative, um, very, very, very. Say it three times for the millennials and people in California. And those you Belinda, California, you have to say things multiple times for these people. Cause they’re dumb ass. Um, I am extremely conservative.

I’m anticommunist right. I’m pro gun rights. Right. And, um, basically I, everything I do is constitutional and I read from the constitution and the declaration of independence all the time in my podcast. Right. I quote it because we’re dealing with millennials who don’t know how to read. Okay. They don’t, they don’t know what words mean.

And there’s really stupid. That’s. That’s the premise of my bike. Yeah, let’s

James: talk, let’s talk about the origins of your

Scott: show here. When did you start? I started my podcast, um, a year ago, just over a year ago. And it was basically, um, to get Trump helped do what I can to get Trump elected. Had you had

James: podcasting experience prior to this, or so this was a totally new venture for

Scott: you?

Yeah, I, I, when I wanted to get into it, so I did a lot of research and, and there was this guy, he does like podcast university or something on YouTube. And he goes, what, what you need to do to get into podcasting, what software and what Mike’s and all that stuff. And so I, so I watched like 20 hours or more of YouTube videos.

On how to do stuff because I’m not a tech person. I’m not a tech person. Believe if you look at my desk, I have like two computers, zoom, eight, six with like five wires coming out of it. And it’s like the wires behind my desk. It’s like, I have cables everywhere. I’m not a tech person.

James: Well, do you, it seems like you are now.

I mean, I’ve got to say like what I’m seeing and for the listeners here, you can’t see this, but for the people on YouTube, they can, but you know, you’ve got the mic, the headphones, I mean, you really ramped up on it. Quick original setup or,

Scott: yeah, it was just my original setup. Yeah. And, and I bought the mic.

I use the, I use the audio Technica 2100, right. Because it’s both USB and XLR. Right because I record zoom and on my Dell, I have a Dell desktop that I’m re that you’re recording me on, on zoom. But I F when I do my video recordings, I, I record it on zoom and I save it to my Chewbacca thumb drive. Right. I have, um, I ha I see my R2D2 thumb drive is full.

Right. I have, I have like, I’ll row of them up here. These are my tech support. They’re like star Wars characters, and I’m a SciFinder. And so basically I take it and I put it and I do everything off of my zoo, off of my Mac book air, which is right down here. Okay. But I record simultaneously this cable goes to the Dell computer.

This one goes to the zoom H six. So I can record on two different platforms at the same time with the same mic. So, okay.

James: Hold on. I’ve got to pause you there for a second. All of this. You got from watching YouTube, a YouTube. I

Scott: figured this out myself.

James: Get outta here. Come on. You didn’t see. So you are at tech, you know,

Scott: they had two plugs that had it’s like there was a youth, it was like, okay, what would happen?

Basically? It was like, how can I figure to record audio and video at the same time? Right. So. So, so it’s like, well, there’s two plugs. What if I plug this one into the Dell and this one in the black one into the zoom, H six is, which is right there on a little tripod and see what, what happened. And it worked right.

But I haven’t been able to do phone calls yet. Right. And I haven’t been able, one thing I’m not a tech person is I have some really cool bumper music. I think it’s really cool. I like my headline news. You know, if you’ve heard that, it’s like, it’s like, I’m sitting here. I have the pause, the video. And I’m sitting like doing air guitar and drums and stuff.

It’s like, I’m having a good, and it’s like, no one wants to see that. No one else is. So I pause the video. I don’t edit. I have, I do not add, I edited the first ones. Right. And then like we talked about off of recording is the ums. Um, and I say, okay, a lot too. Right. Okay. Um, and I would go in, then I would like to see it and I would delete those out.

And I’m sitting in my, there has to be a better, this is taking forever and it’s like, so I decided, so I record mine like a live radio show. It’s it’s live. I don’t edit, except for if I use an F bomb. Right. Cause if I get mad about something and I say, Oh crap, I have to go back and delete the F bomb because I don’t want Apple to get pissed off at me.

You know, I was like, Oh, you know, cause I’m, I’m already, I’m already in an area where I’m being canceled. Cultured. My people like me are being canceled. Cultured are being the platform.

James: Well, let’s, that’s the perfect segue into, into talking about challenges that you’ve encountered with your podcast, because no doubt, you know, it’s a controversial topic.

Uh, you have, you know, fully disclosed that let’s talk about the challenges that you’re running into.

Scott: It’s well, the, some of the challenge I’m running into is basically, um, there’s people that. For one thing, one challenge I have is money is, is I have no money to advertise, right? And that you need to advertise your podcast, right?

You need to grow your audience. And I don’t have enough, uh, downloads or subscribers to where I could actually start making money on it. So this is costing me, you know, um, money every month and no money coming in. And so, but, but my topics. Are very, you know, basically I’m SU I support Donald Trump, right. I have a bachelor’s degree in political science.

Okay. And, uh, an associate’s degree in accounting. I have a professional clear teaching credential. I am a teacher. Right. I teach history. My credential is in, um, social science teaching. I have, um, my primary focus is government and I have all the secondaries USA history, world history, economics, and psychology.

Okay. I can teach all social sciences. In fact, I’m more qualified for secondaries than most teachers in California that have my subject area. So the challenges that I have is basically, you know, people, people don’t believe me, but I don’t care. You know, I say the truth and, but see people. When I put, when I say something as a conservative, you have to have your stuff.

You have to have what you have to have your stuff together. You have to cite fact because if you’re wrong, then you’re wrong on absolute you’re. If you’re wrong on one little thing as a conservative, you’re wrong on everything. Okay. That’s one challenge I have is that when I’m citing facts, I have to know what I’m talking about.

And so there’s a lot of research and a lot of, I use a lot of, uh, Vimeo at, I use a lot of, uh, news articles from, from very, from very conservative. News organizations that have been proven, correct. And not like MSNBC, CNN, and the other ones who have to have printed and who had to have retractions posted, which they only post on the, like of the back page of their website, you know, that’s, you know, that’s, that’s one of the challenges.

Can you talk a little bit

James: about how the podcasting platform for you has functioned to give you amplification to your voice, to your

Scott: ideals? Um, it’s I think it is the podcasting today. It would be what would be like the 17 hundreds pamphlets, you know, when people would circulate pamphlets around, they would print them up and then printers would print them up and they would just circulate pamphlets around people’s ideas.

That’s what podcasting is today. Right. It’s it’s the modern day, uh, committee of correspondence from the, from the revolutionary war period. That’s what this is. Cause there’s podcasts about absolutely everything it’s like as like I go on, I w I did a search about podcasts and there are some, I have to say there’s some weird podcasts out there.

Right. There’s like one on like porn stars, dating people. And then there’s another one on like cats, people just like talk about cats and, and hair. I was like, can you really talk about hair for an hour? It’s like, I mean, what’s there to talk about. My podcasts are an hour and a half long to two hours. Okay.

I cover a lot of stuff. Right. And I saw one, it was on hair hairstyles and it was like two hours long. Can you really talk about hair for two hours? I don’t understand this, that he’s laughing. It’s like, yes,

James: you can. There’s an audience for that as

Scott: well. For sure. It’s like, I, I don’t understand that. I just, I don’t understand that.

It’s like, come see, I grew up watching. See, I grew up watching C-SPAN okay. You know, and, and politics. And that’s my been my life since I was like seven. Okay. You know, I’m when I was 14, I crossed the picket line to protest against Teamsters and a teamster hit me in the head with a two by four when I was 14.

Okay. You know, this is, this is I haven’t been a political activist. I mean, I’ve had my seventh grade teacher calls me Nazi and, uh, you know, because I, because I supported Reagan, it’s like, Reagan’s not a Nazi. It’s like, you don’t know what Nazi is. My grandfather was tortured by Nazis for two weeks. Okay.

By the Gestapo. And he was a pow in world war II. Reagan is not a Nazi know, this is, this is stupid.

James: All right, Scott. So let me circle you back to the podcast again here. Let’s talk about successes. How are you defining success for your podcast and what have you achieved so far in this year that you’ve had your show?

Scott: Uh, well, I’ve had I’m I’m up to 105 episodes. Okay. Um, I’m I’m only at like third, just under 3,500 downloads, total. Uh, I’ve had a few episodes that were in the, that were over 150, you know, downloads per episode. Um, that’s a, that’s a tough question. How do I define a success? It’s like, um, you know, if I, if I, I would love to have one go viral, that would be so awesome.

If I could get one to go viral, like yeah, that would be awesome. But, um, I have, I. I had one interview with, with a woman and it was all about, uh, her, she did a series on her podcast about fear and Christianity and faith and all this stuff, and about how fear affected her, it affected her business and all that thing.

And that interview was really good. And, and sh, and I’m getting positive feedback from LinkedIn. Right. Um, cause I post everything on LinkedIn and I post everything on Facebook as well. Um, um, I’m going to be switching over to rumble, you know, um, because, um, yeah, I’ve, I, I think, I think if I could, if I could get, can I had, uh, one success I had is I had two trolls.

Right. I had two trolls, so I was happy about that. I had these dumb ass millennials who like, were like, you know, you says you’re an asshole and like, okay. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, I got troll. So I was like, happy about that.

Let’s talk about

James: you. Don’t primarily your episode seemed to be as a solo podcast here. Can you talk a little bit about. How you approach episode creation as a solo podcaster? How do you, how do you approach that

Scott: I’ve started doing more interviews, but yeah, I am mostly solo. Um, what I do is it’s in the morning I watch Varney and company.

Right. Loves Susan Lee. I love you. I love Susan Lee. Okay. I have to say that every time, you know, there’s a rule in our house when Susan leaves on TV talking, there’s no one allowed to say anything. Shut up. Susan is talking. I love Susan. Okay. Um, no, but what I do is I watch Susan, I watch guardian company and outnumbered before I come to the office.

Okay. And that gives me something to talk to. And then I listen to conservative talk radio coming in, like rush when, before he died, mega dittos and mega prayers, eternally to rush. Love you. Okay. Um, the, uh, the end so that I would take these things and I would have something to start with. Right. Some topics to talk about.

And then I would have, I have subscriptions to Washington examiner national review and the epoch times newspaper. Okay. Those are my three main sources of news articles of print media that I use to basically go through and pick topics. Okay. Um, And then what I do, but I’ve been starting to do lately.

Cause I figured out how I can do this with the, with the share feature on zoom, like share screen. Yes. I figured out how to do that. So now I, I go and I go into like, um, my web and into the browser and I typed like I did one before. Uh, my intro, my monologue, before I started you, is AOC insane. That’s all I typed in AOC insane and clicked video and yeah, and she, they brought up these and then I went to the filter and I’m like for the last week.

Right. So insane statements by AOC. Um, and, and I that’s, what I do is sometimes I’ll just go Newsmax or Fox news and I pick out what’s us topic, a video title from a video that I think would be interesting to. To do a story on, and then I do commentary and I tell you, I have not seen this. So this is live in person, audio commentary, as it happens.

Cause I ha I say, I have not seen this video. I picked it because I liked the title. Right. And it’s like, you know, dumb ass, you know, they don’t use dumbbells and, um, I actually did a YouTube video about, uh, from the hip from the 1987 movie about the admissibility of the word ass, because I use the word dumb ass.

When I described Democrats, you need to find a better word. And I says, give me one that’s better. It has the same. And it made me remember this movie. So I, I did a whole video series about that. You’ve got to watch that. That’s hilarious. My dad was busing and bluffing, but that’s that’s that’s that’s um, that’s how I do it.

I just, I just. Pick stuff out. And, um, it’s, what’s going on in the world today and

James: whether your interviews, how do you go about getting your guests and how do you prepare for your

Scott: interview? Well, um, I had, I went to groups on Facebook. Like conservative groups on Facebook. And I would go to the, find the administrators and I would say, Oh, I’d like to interview you for my podcast.

Right. And then I’d go on LinkedIn. And I would find people that have different businesses write about stuff because I’m very pro business. Right. And the one thing I want to do on the business aspect, when I’m interviewing somebody about business, it’s like, what, how does government interfere in your business?

What would you like to change about the government regulation? Those are the things that I talk about, right? Because I’m all for about smaller government. And I go to different groups. I found out the podcasting group on Facebook. Right. Um, I’ve challenged some people there and I’ve had a couple of interviews from people from that, you know, um, and things like that.

But yeah, it’s mostly the people people don’t want to. There’s a lot of fear because of cancel culture. Let’s talk about.

James: Some advice that you would give a podcaster or somebody who is interested in starting a podcast, and let’s kind of focus it in on like, you know, yours, the political genre, and let’s even focus even in even more, you know, conservatism, constitutional conservatism, maybe even libertarian, like what kind of advice would you give somebody who’s interested in that?

Scott: Libertarians are interesting people. Um, uh, they libertarians, I think basically they’re conservatives who are scared to be called conservatives. Right? That’s what libertarians are. Therefore, Liberty for Liberty. Well, guess what if you’re for Liberty and you will agree with all these things. I have news for you.

You’re conservative. You just don’t want to be called concerned. Let’s say, you know, that’s what, that’s what it is. They’re there, they’re in denial that they’re conservatives. That’s what, that, that’s my viewpoint on libertarians, but, uh, um, okay. So advice to conservative podcasters prepared to be canceled, cultured prepared to be called racist.

Everything you say you, no matter what facts you project. Right. You could be talking about just talking about income levels of different economic groups during different administrations. Right. And I do this all the time. I would get, I’d get in debates with professors in college about this all the time, and you have to be prepared to accept the fact that they’re going to call you a racist, right.

And there’s a lot, you have to grow a thick skin. Right. So you have to be prepared for the lies to be told about you. So that’s one of the things let’s

James: go back to your podcast. Let’s get into a time machine. Let’s go a year into the future. What is your podcast

Scott: look like? Well, hopefully it will be making some money at least to cover, hopefully some of the costs of the production of my body as a, what will it look like in a year?

Oh, geez. Um, I am I’m hopefully that I have a co-host that I’m trying to work with, but she’s going through some family issues right now to have a cohost. Who was actually worked for Mike Pence when he was governor of Indiana in Indiana. And so hopefully we can get that going. Um, and it would be, Oh, I would love, I would love, love to get an interview with Ted Cruz, right.

Or Mike Rubio. Right. Michael Rubio, right. Or anybody from the Trump family? Oh my God. That would be fantastic. That’s what that’s not going to happen, but you know, it was like, or, or, um, you know, that would be awesome if I could do that. But, uh, Ted Cruz or even my, uh, Congressman Devin Nunez, right. Um, he rocks, he was he’s the minority, he’s the minority leadership on the, um, On the house intelligence committee and he’s very good.

He’s a smart guy. Um, that would be nice. Uh, I also want to have a, uh, multinational forum on religious freedom and, um, to, to bring, highlight the concentration camps that are in China. Against the Chinese communist party, right? Oh, and Oh, Anastasia Lynn. Oh, that would be awesome. If I could interview the candidate, the 2015 Canadian, uh, miss miss world, Canada, 2015, who basically she’s her entire career.

She she’s an actress, but mostly what she does is she highlights. The, the, um, inhumane treatment of the people suffering under the Chinese communist role. So, um, and she did a, uh, lecture series at the, um, Oxford university on, we should have a new cold war against China, which I did a two hour long podcast and a three-part video series on the constitutional Patriot podcast, YouTube channel, please like share and subscribe.

So Scott,

James: I have one more question for you before we wrap things up. Although you beat me to the punch there by wrapping it up like that. One more question before we wrap things up here. Yeah. Which famous person. And I think I actually know the answer to this question, but I’m going to add, ask it anyway.

Which famous person or celebrity would you be excited to learn that they listen to you?

Scott: Oh, just one place. Just one. Okay. Or listen to it on a regular basis or at least groups one episode.

James: Ooh, that’s a good turnaround. I’m going to say on a regular basis just to dial it in.

Scott: Okay. Dial. Oh,

Oh. Uh, I would say, I say, um, Sean Hannity. Sean Hannity. Yeah. Yeah. It seems appropriate. Yeah. I would’ve said rush Limbaugh. Um, the, the, the eat, what I can refer to in my podcast on a normal basis. Cause he is the inspiration to my podcast.

James: Scott, please tell. Our listening audience, where people can learn more about you and your show,

Scott: please.

Okay. Um, you can go to the constitutional Patriot podcast, YouTube channel. Um, and I have my V I post my videos there. Um, you can go to the Scott Harris and you, and, uh, and on my website, Scott Harris tax. Cause I do taxes in Fresno, California, $185 out the door, all forms included, but I have a podcast tab on my website.

You can click it. And, and there there’s a picture of the sons of Liberty flag with two M 16 rifles and the Liberty bell click on that. It will take you to my Buzzsprout. Um, Page where you can see all my V get to listen to all my audio videos. Uh, I’m on I’m on iHeartRadio. I’m on iTunes. I’m on pretty much everything.

Wherever podcasts are found, just go constitutional Patriot podcast. Um, please subscribe. And please go to on my, on my webpage Scott Harris, The podcast. There’s a thing for PayPal donate. So please contribute. And on the constitutional Patriot podcast, YouTube channel, go to the about section and click the PayPal donate, and you can contribute there as well for a tech job.

James: Thank you so much for coming on the show. I appreciate your time.

Thanks again to Scott. Check the show notes for links to learn more about Scott and his show constitutional Patriot podcast. I would love to hear what you got out of this episode. Please let me know by leaving a room view on, the show notes has info for how to do this and feel free to make suggestions for what I can do to make this show even better for you and make sure you follow podcast tactics to learn even more about podcasting in future episodes.

Thank you.

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