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Find out how to start and grow a podcast! In this episode of Podcast Tactics, you will get practical podcasting strategies from a creator who launched a show that highlights the power of having a positive mindset.

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Episode recorded on March 4, 2021.

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James: In this episode of Podcast Tactics, you will get practical podcasting strategies from a creator who launched a show that highlights the power of having a positive mindset.

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I’m James, the host of Podcast Tactics. Thanks for listening.

Let’s get into it!

Joining me right now is Randy silver from San Diego, California. Randy, thanks for coming on, man. I really appreciate you making the time to have a chat with me

Randy: about your podcast. Thank you so much for having me on today. I’ve been looking forward to all day and I’m really excited to educate your viewers and yourself about my podcast, the Leap of Fate.

Fantastic. Yeah,

James: let’s dive right into it. What is leap of fate

Randy: all about? So the Leap of Fate, long story short, I was at home during the pandemic. My parents have preconditions. I was taking care of them at the height of the pandemic. When you could go outside, things like that. And I was watching T and T and Charles Barkley was talking about how much people’s lives suck and during the pandemic.

Cause there’s no sports. Everybody’s life sucks. And like you realize how much sports takes you out of your life sucking. And he kept using the word sucks, sucks. Life sucks. And like, I am so positive. I’m such a positive person. Am I hated two things. One that he was putting that message out there in the world to make it worse, because I’ve allowed for you to think that’s true.

And to, I know that my life doesn’t suck. I know that your life doesn’t suck. I know there’s so many other people lied. Wow. Great. And like, I want to share those stories. So it gave me the idea of starting a podcast called the Leap of Fate, not faith F I T H F a T E Leap of Fate because people take their own fate in their own hands.

They take that leap and they make it happen. So it’s all around sharing positivity and sharing stories of people who overcome adversity in their daily lives. It could be from people who have drug abuse. It could be, um, people buying their first house. It could be getting their first job. Uh, it’s a lot of CEOs or executives coming on.

How did they move up? The corporate ladder, just there, the educate people, their success. So you can know you can have your success in your daily life because your life does not suck. It’s good

James: to have these fresh voices out there that are saying no, you know, you don’t have to buy into that and you can create possibility and

Randy: positivity in your life.

Yeah. And like, if I can compound like one, like one that is super simple. As I had two people on one North Carolina, a second episode here in California, people talking about buying that first at home. I’m like, you don’t get taught in high school, in college, out of college. What are the paperwork that goes into it?

What’s the X, Y, Z, the doing it. How do I save money? Like, what do I need to do? Am I had so many people reach out to me was like, this is so relatable. I’m not at that point yet. But just knowing that I have to start preparing for this makes it better without your podcast, I would never have done it. And it’s like, things like that, where.

This things that you think that you probably do, and there’ll be like, holy smokes, hearing someone who’s not a celebrity hearing someone who’s not some super rich, just the average everyday person overcoming the obstacles that we all go through is really relatable to people. Okay. So

James: I want to dig a little deeper into that.

You know, we’re not into the relatable part, but like where this. Where that origin story for you comes from with, you know, like just kind of wanting to make that kind of impact through

Randy: your podcast. You know, people tell me I have the voice for radio, so it works out well. So in my previous job, I just recently changed jobs.

I was a global sales leader for Cisco. I managed 25 people across three continents. And I got to travel the world for it, meet so many different people. And that was really two things. One, obviously I was a leader and I know that’s not this podcast, but we can talk about that a bit if it matters to you.

But two, I wasn’t the enabler, I wasn’t enabler. And I was a teacher. I was really able to help young people and then career move up. The corporate ladder or move into a job. They really wanted, if it wasn’t still in Cisco. So my time there, I had 25, plus people move on off my team and get promotions, which is awesome.

All the credit to them. Cause they put the firework in, but people always told me you’re so good at communicating. And you’re so good at sharing messages and enabling people. You should do them and grander scale where it’s just not people on your team and Cisco or people around you. You shouldn’t be able to public.

So I always kinda have an idea, like how do I do that for podcasts? I really have a subject. I don’t have a following. And then the whole trial Barkley story happened. I was like, oh, aha moment. This is my click. Now the next question is, how do I make it happen? Yeah. Talk about that. How did you make it happen?

Um, again, I was living at home with my parents. My parents would go to bed early. I had no friends around, I couldn’t go see people, you know, be very safe. So I spent one weekend and I just researched everything online. I literally typed into YouTube how to start a podcast. I typed into Google. How did I start?

Uh, start a podcast. I typed in everything. Like what equipment do you need? My found some really good stuff from Buzzsprout. They have like a whole YouTube series. Part one all the way to part 10, this is what you need. This is how you do it. Here’s different stuff. Like here’s a different mic. Here are different headphones.

Here are different systems you can use. And they gave you the pros and cons. They have the same type of thing on the blog. Had other friends who were inside the pod, the cast video type of industry. I asked them. So after all the reading over the weekend, I went to my parents and I said, Hey, I want to start a podcast.

But in the last I made, like, cause I always have ideas and I make it happen, but they’re like, oh, cool. That a crazy idea from Randy. And they’re like, well, you’re going to pull this money, the wit. And I was like, yeah, you know, I think this is something that I really want to do. And after that weekend of reading it, I was like, cool.

So go on Amazon. I got the mic you guys see right here. Let me, excuse me. If this makes some noise. I apologize. It’s called the blue Yeti. You get the guard right here for the, if you spit things like that, obviously you have one of the things in your video as well. Um, you have these headphones and then the one thing that I had there do was figure out how do I record?

So recording there’s different stuff you can do online. Luckily, because I was working for Cisco, um, Cisco is, has a tool like zoom, except it’s called Cisco WebEx. This one that had the new Cisco WebEx recording can download it. I would edit the audio in my own garage van on any Mac. It comes free and I would just pull the audio into Buzzsprout where then it would get posted to all the different streaming sites.

So it wasn’t as daunting as you think it would be. It’s just making sure you have the right tools

James: to get started. I do want to kind of give a little feet on the ground perspective, you know, for, for anybody who’s like trying to, or whoever anybody who’s thinking about starting a podcast or who is starting on this.

Journey. What kind of challenges have you encountered and how have you broken through those challenges?

Randy: That’s a great one. I think that’s the thing that people don’t talk about is the challenges. And I promise you as happy am, as I just talked about. Every day is a struggle. I’m a one man show. I have a normal nine to five type of job.

So I’m going to bed at like 12:00 AM. 1:00 AM because my podcast is my second job. So I’m waking up doing my job from like 6:00 AM to three, three 30. I’m working out. I work out daily, just, you know, I got to get away from the computer. So I work out two hours after work, eat dinner, and I start the podcast stuff, video, audio, whatever it may be at seven.

I’m doing. The guests reach out. I’m finding people, I’m doing the hosting, I’m doing the recording, I’m doing the editing. I’m doing the social media. I’m uploading all the videos to Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn people don’t realize how much time that takes, how much goes into it. And then I have to try to outreach to people and then use hashtags and get people to find me.

I just don’t have time. And so I would say the biggest thing is. I’m not getting the organic growth as much growth as I think I would have at this point for the amount of effort I’m putting in, because I’m putting all this content I’m doing so much, but I’m not able to do the outreach to try to get people to find me.

So it’s hard. So you need to really make sure if you’re doing it, you’re in it for the right reason. You’re going to burn out. If you’re not. Um, talking about showing something that you care about. If you think you’re just going to say a subject, because it’s really important, or you think it’s out there, it’s hot and you’ll get viewers, you will burn out of it.

Eventually. You’re not going to want to continue to doing it. And the other thing I would say to add on to that is there are weeks I go along, but I’ll put out like really good content. Like, oh my God, this is the blow up. And that one person reaches out to me and says like, Hey Randy, this episode changed me.

Hey, Randy, this episode was really good. I’m not. Saying that cause I want people to reach out to me. I don’t need that gratification, but when you put 10, 12 hours into something and you see people listen to it, and maybe it’s not as many listeners as you five would be that week or you see go down a week and nobody reaches out to you, not even like your parents or friends and stuff like, oh my God, Randy, that was really good.

You get in your own head and how do you get, make sure you stay on the right path. So you’re not in your own head and doubting yourself. And then the next episode might be worse and worse or that, or you just start doubting yourself and you quit, or you don’t have that consistency and you take a week off and you take two weeks off.

So you’ve got to make sure that you’re in there for the right reasons. Then when all this is happening, I noticed along the way that I apologize that you’re happy with yourself and you can’t let. What’s not happening or coming to you, dictate how you move forward. If you know you’re in there for the right reasons, then you’re doing it for the right reasons.

Let’s talk about an

James: episode. I listened to episode 39, my noisy cancer come back with Fitz Kohler.

Randy: Great episode. Yeah, no

James: spoilers. I mean, obviously I want people to

Randy: go and listen to your life. I’m totally good to talk about spoilers.

James: No, I mean, I just really, I want to get to the, kind of the nuts and bolts of, of not just that episode.

Right. But just your interview style and how you go about, um, you know, interviewing

Randy: your guests. So good question. I’m gonna give you two answers. Because I’m in sales and I’m used to just ad Hocking having speak to people. I’m feet. I do everything in the moment. Of course, you know, I’ll check someone’s LinkedIn, I’ll check their website, make sure I have a bio.

I’ll make sure this a quick intro that’s on their LinkedIn, but the full conversation is just. Combo is just as talking as to your friends, like right here, I prepared them that thing. But you knowing that you’re going to ask me about my podcast. It’s probably going to be a video so I can just wing it.

Cause I know I’m confident talking about now vice versa. If you don’t feel confident in public speaking or being able to articulate things very quickly, then ideally you probably want to make a couple notes. You probably want to have like topics you go over put episode with fits. So if you guys don’t know who fits it, she’s a world renowned race announcer.

She announces LA marathon, um, multiple other marathons. She is a fitness guru. She’s done TV. She had breast cancer. So in 2019, diagnosed with breast cancer, she battled through it. Still did her daily job traveled the U S and now she’s around the podcast scene around the talking scene, talking about it. So going into it, I knew I wanted to talk to her about fitness, just cause she’s a fitness guru.

So it’s a good intro of people. And then I knew I wanted to talk about breast cancer. So I, you know, said, Hey Fitz, let’s start with this. You had breast cancer. What was that like? And just engaging in the conversation. Listening here. It just led to question to the next question, the next question. And at the end of it, we hit like 45 minutes.

I was like, oh my God, this went by so quick. And there was this if like two friends sitting by the fire talking. And so, because she’s a very well-known podcast guest and it does a lot. I asked her after the fact, which is actually good, you asked me this question. And I was like, Hey, how did my podcast do compare that to people?

I would love your transparency feedback. And for you to ask guests that it shows that you care about what their opinion is. They’re just not there to be there, like, you know, help me out as well. And she said she loved the fact that she could tell I was at Hocking it and I was invested in the conversation and story.

And the main part is she said that I did other people don’t do it. People have agendas. And when people have agendas, it’s like, you can ask me any question and then I answer it. And then instantly you just go off to the next question and it doesn’t feel like a genuine conversation. And she said that. I just let her talk in the base off of that, I answered her questions and we talked about it, relate stuff.

So she really enjoyed that. It was an engaging conversation versus more of just a Q and a. Where is this?

James: I’m curious about how you get your guests, you know, like with Fitz. I mean, that was, that’s a big deal. I, I I’m, um, I’m a runner, so, you know, I I’m familiar with who that is. And so I was just like, whoa, okay.

You know, this is perfect. I’m going to listen to this one, but how do you go about finding your guests and how do you approach them?

Randy: Good. So that’s a great question as well. And again, I talk about that in my videos on Leap of Fate channel, how to start a podcast. Sorry. I had to plug it. Yeah. I started that with my inner circle.

Luckily I had some people who were doing some cool stuff in my inner circle. My first video and asking my first audio is VaShawn. He’s an entrepreneur. Sorry, the clothing company, if you guys ever heard of after-school YouTube channels whiteboard in the nation videos, he’s one of my best friends from college.

I got him. So I started out with my inner circle of people who have done cool things or have done stuff like got married. What does it take to get married? How much money does that cost? They had their first child, again, very relatable stuff that people, my generation, you know, mid twenties want to hear as I’m starting to get bigger.

And I’ve kind of run my course in my circle. I joined a group called it on Facebook. It’s about 6,000 people and there’s people trying to be a guest on podcasts or a host of podcasts. Saying, Hey, I’m trying to find people. They also have a website called  dot com or If you type in potty on Google, you’ll find it.

So then you can make yourself a profile and people can reach out to you. So there’s different avenues like that. Um, also the other thing I do is like I’m in sales again on LinkedIn, or like on Instagram to someone I think is really cool. And I like what they’re doing. I just reached out to them and be like, Hey, I want to be, excuse me.

Hey, I host a podcast to the buffet. Here’s a quick bio. I would love to have you on, are you free in the next couple of weeks where we can record and everybody loves talking about themselves. If you’re like, Hey, you do something so cool. I would love you to share. Now again, say you’re 50 listeners and this person has a million followers, or they could take the time of day for you.

Probably not just to be transparently honest, but that person has got 10,000 followers and you’ve got a hundred people and you’re like, Hey, I like what you’re doing. I’d love for you to come on and speak about it. More often than not. You’re going to say, yeah. So you just gotta be active and you know, outgoing and people will want to speak to you.

That’s cool. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. I mean the power of the ask is powerful. Yeah. I mean, you got to, you don’t ask you don’t get exactly, exactly.

James: There’s the soundbite right there. So Randy, tell me what you want people to get out of your podcast. Why should they listen to your show?

Randy: So people should listen to Lipa fate for three reasons.

One. Whatever you’re going through in your daily life. First off, I guess I, hopefully you guys are healthy during the pandemic. All that goes with it, staying safe, but if you have other stuff going on beyond that hardships adversity, my shows here that teach you that you will get over it. When you have the right mindset, you have positivity.

It’s not going to be easy. Life is not easy taking it back to fits you. And she had a great quote. She was like, No. I knew that I had cancer, but someone else, my kids didn’t have cancer. My husband had cancer, you know, I can get through it. I had the right positivity and the right mindset in life was so hard.

And like, I definitely cried every night, but I knew I stayed positive. It gave me the best chance. So my goal and my mission from number one is. Providing the right content, providing the right message. People can stay positive, they can stay motivated and they can know that whatever they’re going through, you have the ability.

And when you have the correct mindset to try to make it happen, number two is, you know, Leap of Fate you know, you’re gonna learn so much. You’re gonna learn about. However become drug abuse. You only have about how to buy a house. You learn about how to become a leader. You learn about clubhouse, so you can learn about podcasting.

You’re going to worry about so much different stuff. So if you liked us hearing a different stuff and you don’t want to have to read a bunch of books to read them bunch of audible stuff, just listen to me weekly of a week and I’ll get a lot of different unique guests. You can tell them on speed and the number three, it’s a podcast by me for you.

So if you have, if you want to come on. I love people reaching out to me. If you’ve got a story to tell, if you got people that you think would be good, um, it’s a great place for people to just to get the voice heard. Like you reached out to me, we’re doing this, which I appreciate it. So like, things like that, it’s like people helping people.

So look forward

James: into the future. Randy, you know, hop into a time machine of sorts, you know, and, and go a year or two, maybe even five years for you, you know, you’re, you’re, you’ve got a vision and a mission here. What, what do you, what do you hope for your

Randy: podcast? I would love for Leap of Fate to be holistic lifestyle brand.

I think the fact that Leap of Fate, I’ve a really cool image designed for my logo. I think the fact that I can breathe LOF loss, or like locking LA fam. There’s a lot that you can do in terms of apparel and branding. So I would love to like do that again. I don’t have the audience yet. I don’t have the income that make that type of stuff.

So I think it’d be really cool. I think there’s some really cool apparel ideas. I also would like to turn it, as I said to a holistic brand, I talk a lot about meditation, mindfulness, positivity. I have workout videos on my YouTube channel. I have vlog style videos, so I would love to get other podcasters or get other people who fit that vision of Leap of Fate.

Under my umbrella. And then I gives them a channel to have their voice. It gives them a place to be able to speak about their stuff. Kind of like how Barstool sports, for example, you know, they’re, they can Brella. They have so much under them. I’d love for loft to be that type of place. And number three.

Just keep me saying, you know, this world’s crazy. And I love that, you know, I’m 28, I’m single. I don’t have kids in the luckily again, as I said, I’m up until midnight 1:00 AM doing this because I have the free time. I have no commitments, not by. So it gives me an outlet to make, gives me an output to just be creative and.

If I ever lose that fire, that means loft probably is run its course because I’m not staying true and happening to what I’m doing. And if that ever happens and you won’t see me on the channel anymore, but I don’t see that happening

James: anytime soon. So one more question, before I let you go, um, share with our listeners, what is the best thing that has happened to you so far as a result of your podcast?

Randy: The best thing that’s happened to me. I would probably say getting that first paying customer, you know, the person who reached out to me is a good friend of mine, shallow Rob and Robbie in there. So Rob is my age, his dad’s Rob senior. Who’s Rob Jr. And they, his dad owns or runs like a mortgage newsletter.

They get like 67,000 people who. Read the newsletter a day crazy. And so they saw, they’re the ones who like, Hey, can you do an audio episode of how to start a podcast? We w we want to do our own. So that’s where I interviewed them for the audio. And I was like, you know what, guys like this, isn’t going to do adjustments.

Like, this is cool, this works, but I only create a video. So it’s easier to like, Do it, when I create the video, his dad reached out to me and said that he loved it. Can you help us set it up in Southern? I was like, yeah, no free charge. Don’t worry about it. Like, we’re friends here, like, I’ll just do it. So I spent maybe like, you know, 10, 15 hours of the course of like three weeks, you know, sitting down and teaching garage band, teach me how to use.

Buzzsprout how they, you know, do all this type of stuff. Just speaking about it. And I was sitting at. It was super bowl Sunday. And I was just watching the super bowl with friends and I got a text saying, Hey Randy, can you send this to your direct deposit number? We want to pay you for your time. No’s not answer, yes, we’re going to pay you, like, please send it.

Like, we don’t want to have this fight. And that was my first payment of Leap of Fate. And I never went into the podcast thinking I would get paid. I never went into that session, getting paid, just knowing that people value your time and see the benefit and the value provide. It was completely gratifying.

And since then more has happened because of it. And I can use him as a reference. So I think that pivot point changed my life as well, because then I turned Leap of Fate into LLC. I was like, oh, snap. Like, I need to like do this as a business. I was able to get certified as an LLC business, all this stuff.

So it just absolutely took me to the next level because that one interaction and me just trying to be good person starting all the way at the beginning of podcasts, validated the whole work at eight months. That’s

James: awesome. The name of the show is Leap of Fate, Randy, thank you so much again for your time.

Randy: Awesome. Thank you so much.

James: Thanks again to Randy. Check the show notes for links to learn more about Randy and his show Leap of Fate.

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