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Turn your passions for pop culture and entertainment into a quality podcast! In this episode of Podcast Tactics, you will find out how to create a show that takes very deep dives into pop-culture and entertainment from a true, die-hard fan.

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Episode recorded on March 20, 2021.

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James: In this episode of Podcast Tactics, you will find out how to create a show that takes very deep dives into pop culture and entertainment from a true die hard fan.

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I’m James, the host of Podcast Tactics. Thanks for listening in. Now, let’s get into it!

Joining me at the mic is Luis Sanchez in London. Luis, thank you so much for joining me.

Luis: Oh, thank you very much. You’re happy me.

James: Well, I’m excited to have you on let’s start from the beginning. What’s the name of your podcast and what’s it all about?

Luis: So my podcast is called That’s Why They Were Quality Podcast.

And it’s basically about, um, me and my mate. Uh, well, I’ve got two people. I do it with, uh, by doing it. I used to do it with, uh, Louie lights and, but he’s not been able to, um, you know, family commitments and what have you, and spend life getting in the way he’s not been able to record for awhile. And, uh, my co-host Patty stand-in and what we do is we cover subjects that we love, that we, we feel passionately about.

And we take the audience on a journey of why we love them and why they’re so quality, whatever that could be a TV show, like only fools and horses shares a particular performer and artists like, um, Bruce Lee or bands like the Beatles or tribe called quest. What we want to do is we want to. Take you on a journey of their life and explain how their life experiences made them so iconic while at the same time, having a laugh as well, you know, and hopefully entertain a new audience.

James: Well, you certainly do take your listeners on a journey. Uh, as I was talking to you before we started rolling audio, I started with the Bruce Lee episode episode one, and I think you guys are actually up to around six, uh, episodes covering Bruce Lee. So there’s definitely. An Epic exploration that you go into your subject matter.

Before we talk about an episode, I want to keep it a little bit high level here right now. And just kinda talk about your podcast, uh, at a higher level. And where did you guys, where did you come up with the concept concept for the show? What are the origins of, of your podcast?

Luis: As the origins. Well, um, so I, I’ve not had intercourse in about five years.

So as you can probably tell, I spend a lot of time alone. So I listened to a lot of podcasts and I always thought to myself, you know, if I had a podcast, what would it be like? And I’m a writer. So I have like loads of different projects. Like, you know, I was going to write a film. What would it be like? And.

So you always got a TV show. What would it be about? And the great thing about podcasts is that you don’t need that the same funding that you would do for a TV show or a film. So one day I was just thinking to myself, yeah, I’ve just got to do it. So I keep saying, I’m not going to do it, then I’m never going to do it.

And the Fu what podcasts are, what podcasts are there that I love. And one of my favorite ones is a podcast called the lapsed fan wrestling. Cost. And what they do is they’ll cover that their episodes be. They’ll usually two-part episodes on a topic and there’ll be like five, six hours each, and they’ll go proper in detail.

I know they’ll take you on a journey. And so most of the episodes are centered about particular events. But they did one about Bruno Sammartino, but they went over the guy’s whole career and it was, it was so great that I listened to it three or four times, and it’s quite hard to poke costs to listen to it over and over again.

And I thought I’d love to do something like that, but not just about wrestling, but about, about anything and go into so much detail. But well, so also be entertaining like they were. And another thing I wanted to do was I noticed the podcasting’s quite a new form, a form of entertainment. And I think there’s a lot that hasn’t been done.

Like for example, recurring storylines or like, you know, have been, uh, put in comedy in, in the sponsorships. Um, and, and yeah, just that having characters, like we’ve got a character called Maggie, the racist cat, you know, having stuff like that. I think that. That hasn’t really been done in podcast in too much and a full, yeah.

Be a great opportunity to just explore what a podcast can be pushed the limits of it.

James: Yeah. I really enjoy that about your show. You are definitely, uh, getting creative with the possibilities. How long ago was it when you started your episode? Uh, when you started your podcast?

Luis: Oh, it was about, Oh, that’s difficult.

I think about two free years ago. I think I was always in a pub with my mate, Louie, and we, we used to back when we were in school together, we used to film sketches, and then, you know, he went off and I think he works in real estate now. And he said, Oh, you know, I love my job, but I’d love to. Yeah, I do some more comedy, you know, to a great times.

And then we sort of, you know, talked about, you know, what we should, what should we do? And then we thought, yeah, podcast that we started out, he came up with our idea first, but yeah, it was about 2018 and I came up with the concepts and, and yeah, sort of when going from there, were

James: you formally, did you go to university to study writing or was that kind of something you did on the side?

Luis: Um, I had studied an undergraduate in TV production and then a post-graduate in screenwriting screen, Roy, and yet always my true passion. And it’s always, um, yeah, it’s always, that’s, that’s my dream to be a comedy.

James: Okay. It really shines through in the quality of your show. Um, if I’m not mistaken, I also think I was hearing some soundscapes as well, at least in the Bruce Lee first episode that I listened to.

I. I thought, I remember hearing some kind of sound effects that you were bleeding into or blending into the show. Um, in either case your writing is really nice. I mean, you, you seem to have a really nice balance between, well, it seems, first of all, let’s start with the research that you do. It seems like you go into heavy, heavy research.

Talk to us about that.

Luis: Oh, thanks. Very much. Yeah. Yeah. It’s it’s yeah. Creditable, RESA. It’s I basically, I have, this is a very ambitious aim, but my, when I cover any topic is to make something so detailed. And so in depth that your audience would never have to listen to another podcast about it again, which I know is, is, is quite unrealistic to do.

Buffalo. Yeah. Why not give it a go? So when I’m covering someone like Bruce Slee, I want to, I don’t just want to find out, you know, uh, want to research a little bit about the films that he’s in, you know, how, how did those opportunities come about what was happening behind the scenes? Uh, you know, with the game of death, you know, what, what was the plan for the rest of the film?

Uh, yeah, I just want to. W what was the origin of the nunchucks? And you find some really interesting things with Bruce Lee. Is he someone who’s been in COVID a lot, but still there’s there’s you, you have to research a lot to find information that the people probably wouldn’t know, but there is some out there and it’s fascinating.

Okay. Can you

James: talk a little bit about how you construct an episode? I alluded to it a little bit before, like there’s definitely a, you know, you get the sense that you’ve done your homework for sure. But with Hattie, it also seems like you guys are interviewing each other, which I totally enjoyed it. It was, it was a good kind of chemistry that you guys have with each other.

And, you know, you kind of, it kind of seems like you challenge each other or you, you inquire about things with each other.

Luis: Yeah, it’s, it’s kind of it’s well, the way we are in, in real, in normal everyday life, when we talk to each other, we have quite a lot of the same similar interests and we like to discuss, uh, like the way we.

Well, it was wrestling and what we have to do when we watch wrestling is yeah. We’ll we’ll if we haven’t seen each other for awhile, which Oh, how great was that? Yeah. And then we’ll, we’ll, we each have like a different opinion about why we loved subbing. And so I think it’s just us interested to hear each other’s opinions and it’s, it’s just a genuine curiosity I think is about, Oh, how did you feel about this?

How did you feel about that?

James: Yeah. I mean, I think your curiosity and your passion for your subject matter, uh, I like to use that phrase shine through, but it really does shine through, um, yeah, I mean, it’s, it’s very entertaining. I can’t wait to listen to the rest of the episode, the Bruce Lee episodes. Um, you know, like I said, I think there are five or six more, you know, that are currently published.

Do you have any more, uh, that you’re planning on doing for Bruce Lee?

Luis: Yeah, uh, uh, Oh, sorry. Seven is, uh, almost finished. Uh, I’ve just got a, just got to do a bit of quality control and then part seven will be ready and that will cover the way of the dragon. And then I’m hoping to do par eight to cover, enter the dragon and game of death, but we tend to go over.

We love Bruce Lee. We was attending Tony. Do it. It may be free parts. And we were on about we’re on seven now. Um, yeah, I’m thinking it’s going to be eight parts, but it might be nine. Just depends how long it’s going to be.

James: Yeah. I don’t want people to think that you’re just a Bruce Lee show. I mean, this is just currently six episodes that are currently posted as of this recording on one subject matter that you guys cover.

Very much in depth, um, you know, across the years and, and, you know, I looked at your back catalog and every subject matter seems to be a deep exploration into each of the topics, which is incredible. And I, I love that concept.

Luis: Oh, thank you very much. Yeah. Um, yeah, somebody have a topic. So we have COVID sofa, a tribe called quest.

We’ve covered them. The Beatles we’ve touched on briefly, but we’re going to, we’re going to go back over again and only fools and horses. But if you look at our logo, that sort of an indication of some of the upcoming projects that we want to do, we want to cover Ric, flair, Tupac, uh, alleged that planar on there.

And there’s some other ones that we want to. Well, we’ve got planned. So yeah, it’s not just Bruce really specific, but yeah, I, I liked to cover like iconic figures that there is so much about them because you can really get your teeth stuck in there.

James: I’m going to ask you a silly question about the Beatles.

Cause I D I think that was your most recent episode, if not, it was relatively recent. Um, but when I saw that you posted a, uh, a episode about the Beatles, I was curious to find out if you guys are going to be covering any more of this strange kind of. And what, how do I want to say like the conspiracy theories behind the Beatles?

Like whether Paul McCartney is really dead and I don’t know if you’re familiar with that theory, but are you going to get into any of that at

Luis: all? Getting into all of that definitely air pool is dead. Uh, there’s some other conspiracies that I didn’t even know about, like the Beatles before I researched him, I thought I knew everything I knew about the Beatles.

And then I started researching them and I was just went into this rabbit hole. So intense, I mean, yeah. Uh, one Oh one sort of conspiracy theory I didn’t know about was that. It was, uh, Stuart Sutcliffe was the member of the Beatles, who he was. Um, he, he was kicked out of the Beatles and he sadly died very young age and he died of, um, I think it was brain hemorrhage related incident.

And. Yeah, he died of a brain hemorrhage. And what happened is a thing a few months before that John Lennon got in a fight with him in, in the 90 way, I think it unlivable and kicked him in the head. And there are people saying that maybe that could have caused it. I mean, that’s just a theory. There’s no medical evidence to support that based.

One of them were just like stories like that. I never, never knew about debate. It was a, they’ve been very. Successfully swept under the rug. And we, we uncovered all of that because one of the things we love doing is taking like, no, one’s perfect. And that’s something we’ve discovered apart from maybe Justin Timberlake, but even now he’s, you know, he’s, that’s that image of Justin’s being tarnished a bit, but no, one’s perfect.

So what we like doing is clearly state in that these people’s work is great. But the people are flawed. There is various things, like I never knew about, uh, BringGo star and domestic violence. So I always thought that he was like really nice, you know, lovely guy. And then the more you research. Oh God. Yeah.

It’s just basically showing everyone is human and there’s darkness to be found there. And yeah, I like, I like going into that as well. I want

James: to take a few steps back and ask you, how have you been promoting your show? How are you finding listeners or are they finding you? What does that look

Luis: like? It’s been, it’s been quite hard.

It’s, it’s mostly through, um, you know, social media promotion. Um, and what I like to do is I try and make. The, the promotion is entertaining as possible. So if I think of maybe a joke about the beat, always like I followed this joke, like, um, Oh, you know, one of the, one of the unsung raised into a beat was real popular, South polite.

They were that that first album had, uh, had pleased twice in the title. And then I’ll post like a link underneath there, or a joke about Bruce Lee. I’ll go, uh, Bruce Lee went to a Catholic college. Uh, well personally went to a Catholic school. That’s where I discovered the nunchucks and I just to make it entertaining.

So like, I, that’s why I try and do is, um, yeah, just make entertaining concept and it makes people go, Oh, I like I’m interested in Bruce Lee and I like that sense of humor. Oh, I’ll I’ll uh, I’ll hopefully listen and download. Uh, so it’s mostly social media.

James: Well, that is definitely a clever hook for sure. To get people to, you know, tune in and listen in.

Luis: And it’s a good way to attach jokes as well. And then when there’s pandemics over them on OB to go back into, stand up and it’s, yeah, it’s a good way just to test what material works as well. Let’s talk

James: a little bit about the challenges that you encountered when you were launching your podcast. Can you remember anything that you had, you know, a challenge that you had ran into and that you ended up kind of overcoming it in some way?

Luis: I mean, technically our first challenge was at the start, our equipment. Wasn’t very good. And you could probably, if you go back and listen to the first few episodes that you can, it probably comes across the yeah. The recording equipment and the microphone, the computers we use and it just, yeah, it wasn’t, it wasn’t brilliant.

Uh, so at first it was sort of technical challenges. Um, then, uh, the challenges is this, the production really it’s unless you have loads of money to, to pay companies, to do what it’s advertising then is. It’s so hard. It’s also, unless you’re a celebrity as well. Like someone like Peter crouches, the football area in England team.

He does a podcast. He’s going to immediately, people are going to listen to people know who he is, but if you’re, if you’re not anyone, then it’s your compete and in such a crowded marketplace. So it’s that the, that’s the hardest thing really at the moment.

James: What is one piece of advice that you would give a podcaster who is just starting out?

Luis: I’d say that one piece of advice, I’d say that make sure that you’re making something that you’re proud of and, and don’t give up. That’s the hardest thing, really? Because if you’re doing this for money, unless you are. Yeah, famous. And I have a company back in you, then this, this isn’t a good financial listen, a good way to make money fast.

This has to be something that you’re passionate about. Something that you really want to create, because it’s probably not going to pay off for a long time. So it’s, don’t give up and, and make some money that you’re pleased about. Cause I’ve, if I wasn’t, if I didn’t love. Well, I was doing, if I didn’t love the episodes and I couldn’t spend all that time working on it and, and, and, you know, not get anything back really, uh, monetary.

So the, the passion has to be the motivation I reckon. Uh, so in each release went in out anyway. So yeah, don’t give up because you love what you do.

James: You talk a little bit about how long it takes for you to put an episode together.

Luis: Oh, it depends really. I mean, if you go from the research stage to the research takes a lot of time in say, um, in terms of the research.

It’s even when take research probably will take about a few months, I would say to do the research. So I work a full-time job as well. So it’s fair to end around that. I I’d always have the YouTube channel gauge nation as well, so it sort of fit in it around my free time. Uh, so yeah. Uh, research takes a few months, then we record it.

Maybe, you know, however long it takes to record a few hours. And in the editing, I’ve gotten a lot quicker recently, like I’d say maybe the most recent episode of the Bruce Lee book, I’d say about two days possibly. Um, But it’s, it used to take a long time. Yeah. Th those intros, if, uh, if you listen to the Bruce Lee one, yeah.

You know, that audio intro to montage, uh, that takes quite a lot of time. Uh, if you listen to, by tribe called quest series, we had a really long one at the beginning of episode one, and then quite a long one at the end of episode seven. And that took quite a lot of time to put together. So it all depends really what’s in the episode.

James: What is it that you want people to get out of your show? Why should they listen to your podcast?

Luis: Say listen to it. Well, firstly, if you’re on a long journey, I mean, it’s like, you know, there’s that episode, there’s seven parts of the Bruce Lee series already. So it’s perfect for long journeys and truck drivers out there be put on flights now across, across the globe.

Then it’s perfect for that. Uh, but I’d say the main reason to listen to it is if you have a similar sense of humor to us and have an interest in the topic and, and not just having an interest in it, don’t have to have particular interest in the topics we cover, but just to have an inquiring mind, because a lot of things, information we cover, I mean, we cover Bruce Lee, but we also go into, you know, try and history and, and we do that for all the topics that we cover.

Talk about the Beatles. You know, we talk about British politics at the time, if, if that will influence their story. So if you have a thirst for knowledge, and also if you want a podcast that doesn’t take itself too seriously, because we aim to have a good sign as well on the show. So if you want to be entertained and informed is probably the easiest way to say it.

And I’ve listened to the podcast.

James: Let’s, let’s get a, do a time machine right now. So you’ve been going, you’ve been going at this. For about three years, I would say, let’s go three years into the future. What are your hopes for your podcast?

Luis: Uh, what’s the two hopes, uh, firstly to it to be making some money from it.

That would be, that’d be ideal. I think that’s where everyone’s aim is really. Uh, and another one is not been, uh, not, I didn’t go to five years and I’m not very good with the, with the ladies. So another good motivation for this is if I do have maybe some female fans who like. Like the podcast then if they like the episodes, then they’ll probably be interested in what I’m interested in because that’s what I’ll cover on the podcast.

And then also probably have a similar sense of humor. So it may be to find a wife from this as well. That’d be nice. That’s the ideal world. So yeah, just the money and yeah, hopefully find a special someone from it. That’d be nice. That’s great.

James: I love that.

Luis: It’s it’s doubtful very doubtful. If you’ve had what we talked about on the podcast.

I don’t think any female is going to be interested in it in some of the stuff we talk about. It’s still, you know, yeah.

James: Never know though, Luis, I mean, it is a big world out there and there are many different personalities, so who knows, you know, let’s be open to it. Yeah,

Luis: exactly. Exactly. So

James: before we wrap things up here, Luis, I want to ask you one more question.

Is there a famous person or celebrity who you would be absolutely floored to hear that they are listening to your podcast? Oh,

Luis: um, well briefly I’d be really filled taxis. He’s dead. So I’d be like, Oh shit. That’s that’s conspiracy theory might be alive. Shit. So, so yeah. At any of him or to be all’s, that’d be amazing.

Um, I, we, we had one of our Instagram posts liked by Q-tip. I don’t know if he just liked it because, you know, he was tagged in it or we saw his name or whatever, what have you. But I like to think maybe he listens to the, to the podcast and if he listens to it, basically someone that we cover I’d love someone that we cover.

To listen to it and go, yeah, that was, that was great. You know, and Frank’s Frank’s for doing it really. That’s, that’s what, that’s what I’d like. So in summary, I’d say Q-tip Justin Timberlake. He’d be perfect as well. He’d be great just because I just love to meet Justin Timberlake and that might be a way to do it.

So yeah. So I, them too well, Luis,

James: please tell us where people can learn more about you, your cohost Patty and your awesome podcast.

Luis: Oh, thank you. And you can learn more about the poll cost on a that’s, whatever quality on Spotify and pod Podbean. Uh, we’re currently, we might soon be get anyone to Apple podcasts.

We will still do our own YouTube channel cookies nation, which we’re going to post a podcast on there as well. And gaze nation is a video channel where a lot of people do top attendance. We go one further. We do top 11 and we do. We go, w we like spinal tap, we go to 11 and, and we do like video analysis as well.

And we’re starting to do this web show called the council council and, uh, and stuff like that. Um, and she podcasts will be on there as well. So yeah, you tube type in gaze nation or Spotify type it, and that’s whatever quality and that should come up there and back to the female thing, Tinder. Um, we’ll show about on there.

So just type in Luis Sanchez and then you’ll find me

James: well, we’ll be sure to get all that information for the show notes. So people can link over to your website, your YouTube channel and your Tinder profile.

Luis: Yeah, yeah, definitely. Yeah, that’d be, that’d be nice.

James: The name of the show is that’s why they were quality.

Luis. Thank you so much for coming on. I wish you all the best and continued success.

Luis: I’ll thank you very much for having me. It’s been lovely and yeah. Wish you should spend as well.

James: Thanks again to Luis show notes for links to learn more about Luis and his show. That’s why they were quality. Please share what you got out of my conversation with Luis by leaving a review on

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