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Create and grow an educational and entertaining mashup show! In this episode of Podcast Tactics, you will get tips and advice from a podcaster that created a mashup show that dives into the stories behind the songs we know and love and sports gems.

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Episode recorded on February 23, 2021.

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James: In this episode of Podcast Tactics, you’ll get tips and advice from a podcaster that created a mashup show that dives into the stories behind the songs we know and love in sports gems.

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Thanks for listening. Let’s get into it!

Me right now is Dr. Z from Charlotte, North Carolina, Dr. Z. Thank you so much for coming on the show.

Dr. Z: Hey, I’m excited to be here. This is a lot of fun. I’ve been looking forward to it

James: all week. Fantastic. That’s good to hear. All right. Let’s oh, go ahead. Go

Dr. Z: ahead. Oh, no,

James: I’m ready to go. Go. You’re ready to dive in.

And yeah. So am I, so tell us what’s the name of your podcast and what’s it all

Dr. Z: about? Well, our podcast called Pickin’ ‘n Puttin’ and about a year ago, like it’s picking up. No aim, Pickin’ ‘n Puttin’ and Putin. And the deal was, I was always a, uh, a buddy of mine was a big music guy and in the music business, and now he’s not doing it with me any longer, but he started and, and I was into golf.

So we started out with the idea of doing music stories and golf stories, and then it’s kind of evolved. Um, so that’s how we got started. And then I, then I’m having fun now going back and look it up history of. Uh, the different musical stuff. And of course I grew up in the era of the sixties, seventies, and all the hard rock.

So I that’s, that’s how it got started. And then this year kind of starting off, trying to figure out how to grow and how to be. Um, more eloquent, bring myself up to your, your, your stature and, and, you know, just, just truly, um, having fun, you know, it’s, it’s all about having fun. If anything else comes out of it.

Great. I’m doing it for the, for the entertainment factor. Fantastic.

James: So, you know, the musical part of it is IB. Do you have a musical background? Do you play music? Were you ever in a band or was it just a, you know, an interest, a passion? No,

Dr. Z: I’ve got, uh, well the best friend, his father had been in the music business and, and.

We met 30 years ago because our oldest sons were the same age. And as it turned out, his dad wrote, uh, uh, dueling banjos from deliverance. So that’s his history. So he’s, he had a whole musical has my musical history. Was that. I knew him now, my kid, I at my youngest, my youngest boy plays like seven instruments in my attic.

My addicts got keyboards and drums and, and, um, acoustic guitars and electric guitar. Some bass guitars. Um, but no, me personally, no, I just, I love history music lends itself to, to great

James: stories. You know, I don’t want to jump right into it quite yet, but yeah, that really did come in and, you know, come across in the episode that I listened to.

So, um, but before we get into that, um, you know, the, the, the mashup between, um, music and golf, talk to us a little bit about that. How did that come up?

Dr. Z: Well, I think, I think it’s just natural passions. I love, I love music, Matt. I can’t play it, but it’s, you know, it’s the old thing about dropping off, driving along in the car and you start stomping on it and you don’t know the lyrics worth a hoop.

You know, everybody thinks they’re singing the lyrics and then you hear them and you go, oh my God, is that what they said? But I’ve always liked that. And now the younger folks are really getting into playing golf. Uh, And plan that they’ve got stereos going loud on the golf course and playing music and it’s oh, is this gonna bother you?

Oh no. Um, I’m all I’m for more noise, the better. So, um, it’s, it’s just two things that give me enjoyment, you know? So, um, that’s the fun of it. I that’s the relationship it’s kind of, it’s kind of a goofy. Bring together, but, but that’s, that is what

James: freak me about your podcast, right? I mean, I guess it’s not just golf too.

You guys talk about sports in general.

Dr. Z: Yeah. The deal with that is my, my son-in-law is, is, uh, trying to get. He’s married to my daughter and a son-in-law. Thank you very much. That’s all right. If you didn’t know what that was, folks, that’s what that is, but no, he, um, uh, isn’t a sports, sports radio kind of stuff.

He’ll do all this kind of research and things like that. So I, I get with them and I say, well, we get together be in the week. I said, well, what topics do you want to talk about? And we’ll try to do things about golf, whether it’s equipment balls and stuff. And then we’ll kind of, you know, it’s like, as you know, and next thing you know, you’re talking about, happened to us and in the tennis, you know, so it’s a little bit, uh, it’s, uh, evolving.

That way with a little bit of sports talk, but I don’t, I don’t want to get into being sport. You know, you need another sports talk, like all that. So I’d like to keep it off words, fun and different, you know? Yeah. Yeah. I’m happy to talk about, uh, lacrosse or whatever anybody wants to talk about. You know,

James: you guys would be on to something, you know, those, those more kind of, uh, the Osho sports, you know, those more obscure sports are for me, they’re intriguing.

And I think, you know, to make a, a mashup podcast back, you know, combines music and those, those, uh, more obscure sports. Compelling. I would listen in. Hey.

Dr. Z: Yeah. You know, for now you said that I got, I was thinking of that. Maybe we got to do cricket.

James: Yeah. If any sport, uh, for me was like a Rubik’s cube. I think cricket is the one where I feel like every time, I mean, I haven’t delved deep into it, but it, you know, I try to understand it and there’s always some facet where I’m like, really.


Dr. Z: well, and it’s so, so big in, in India and, uh, All the British empire that wasn’t us or Canada. Um, but yeah, it’s, it’s, it’s, uh, It looks like something cool. So, yeah, it’d be fun to look at you. I don’t understand it either. It’d

James: be fun to make a show around it though.

Dr. Z: I like your guitar hanging on a wall.

That’s cool. Oh, thank

James: you. Yeah. You know what? It’s funny because that guitar hanging behind me is actually my nephews. So, you know, um,

yeah. Let’s talk a little bit more about your podcasts though. I wanna, um, I kind of want to go into a little bit of the challenges that you know okay. I want to back up, actually, you used to have a co-host for this show and it sounds like you guys had a little bit of a change over a transition. What did that, how did that come

Dr. Z: about?

I think I started out and it’s for both of us, for me, I started out for fun and I came up with the idea probably about a year ago, uh, January or somewhere in that. And I came up with this idea and I had the title before I knew what the heck I was going to do. And, um, so I talked to my friend about it, who was musically inclined.

He said, yeah, I’ll do it with you, you know, once a week. Well, so we were doing it maybe once every other week and whatever. And then he had ended up being by default. I set up how to get it downloaded and everything, but then he ended up being the default editor and, uh, YouTube editor, you know, Spotify editor or whatever the editor.

And so after this fall, Um, his life started to take off again with his kids and stuff. And he says, you know, you you’ve done 20 episodes. Maybe you want to just roll it off and call it. And I said, no, no, no, I’m going to keep doing it. If you don’t want to do it all the how I’ll self-educate myself, um, on how to do all the editing and that so good for you.

So that part, yeah, I mean, I watch on these, I’ve gotten, starting to look at the Facebook groups and realize everybody’s different. There really is a neat, uh, communication cause everybody’s at different phases. What did you do? Did you do this? Get out of how did you edit this? What do you do for sound? Um, and it really is.

The whole process is just a continuous evolution. Yeah. Um, it’s, it’s just really, it’s really cool.

James: Well said Ivy, because it’s a, you know, I do feel like everybody is kind of it’s on this journey, you know, everybody’s on this journey of learning this, uh, uh, you know, this, uh, kind of craft of podcasting, you know, I mean, I’m definitely at the beginning of that, you know, so, uh, eager to learn and I, you know, I get that you are too, and that’s what makes it fun, you know, and then connecting with people, you know, across the world on these, uh, you know, on these shows is fantastic.


Dr. Z: I think, well, I think the idea for your podcast is awesome because I’m going, what a cool idea to go around and talk to everybody at different stages and say, well, what did you do? Or what would you do? Or is it still fun? Or, you know,

James: so let’s talk about, uh, you know, some of your, some of your successes on the podcast.


Dr. Z: the couple of biggest successes we had last year, the most downloaded one was, uh, We did an episode about Dolly Paul. And, uh, and we were doing specifically the stories behind specific songs and hers, hers was, um, uh, Whitney and had sung the song and made it a kit. And, uh, uh, and then we had the story line behind that.

Apparently Dolly was driving down the road and heard Whitney Houston singing on the radio and go. Wait a second. Wait a second. That’s my song or whatever. So that was that one. It was a big one. And then the evolution for the fun part. What you’re talking about, it’s, there’s a young lady who I knew who who’s about late twenties now who moved on her own to Nashville right out of high school.

She just said, I want to be a singer songwriter. And so a couple of weeks ago we had her on and talked about music and Nashville and how she’s growing and, and that, and really fun, really, really insightful to hear how she’s got the board and everything in her apartment and writes music. And so those were my two favorites that we’ve done.

That’s fantastic. Yeah. So it’s, it’s, it’s interesting. What strikes a chord? So. You know, who, who, who listens to something and goes, oh, that’s really cool. And the other thing I forget is that these things, you put them out there and they’re out there forever. So forever. You realize a year later, people are still finding that episode or whatever, and they go, oh, that’s cool.

It’s, it’s,

James: uh, it’s kind of, um, a memento, um, memorialization, you know, a, a snapshot in time really, you know?

Dr. Z: Yeah. And you know what? I was just thinking it probably behooves any of us to go back and you just put this thought in my head to go back and listen to what you do. Six months to a year ago and listened to the quality of your sound or your video, whatever it is, your topics.

And I’m sure you’re going to go, oh my goodness.

But you know, I don’t know. Yeah. I

James: mean, that’s, that’s just a, you know, a, um, You know, that kind of retrospective just shows growth really. I mean, you know, it’s, it’s hard not to look back. I’m sure it’s gonna be hard not to look back and cringe, you know? Um, but that just means you’re growing, you know, as, as a, you know, as a podcaster, I think, you know, I think you’re always looking for the opportunity to.

You know, improve your interview style or your presentation style. Um, you know, that’s, that’s, again, that’s part of the fun, you know, that’s part of the challenge really of, of, uh, doing what it is that we do. So

Dr. Z: yeah. It’s, well, that part makes it, and you’re right. The interview style and kind of, uh, open-ended questions are where do you go from here?

And, and, and, and if you’re doing it, if w in this circumstance, um, Being able to play off your interviewee or with me doing it with another person that I know that makes that part easier. So this is one of the things I’m trying to delve into. I’d like to do more where I had guests, you know, from the world from different, because that’s what makes it fun.

Like you said, to meet people that from all over the world, I mean, it’s crazy. Yeah. Um, so I’m looking forward to doing more of that. That’s my goal. That was one of my goals this year. Let’s talk about

James: your podcast in general. I mean, when, what, what is it that you want people to get out of listening to your show?

Why should they listen to your show? Well, that’s

Dr. Z: a good question. Not I, from my background, I do it because I want people to have some enjoyment, have some fun. Um, get out of all the stuff that’s been pounded on us for the last year. So I like to think of it as a, as a fun respite where you can go listen to some goofy old doctor, talk about something he doesn’t know about.

Um, and, and hopefully, you know, put a little zip in your step and have a little more fun. Whatever, you know, there’s enough downers that I’m trying to be a little bit of a upper for

James: folks. Yeah. Well, I mean, I would say that, um, you know, based off the episode that I listened to, uh, you’re on the right track, uh, you were successful with the Marley episode before we get into that one.

Um, I do want to ask you one last question about your podcast in general. What, what are your hopes. For the podcast in the future? Well,

Dr. Z: I’m, you know, I would like, I like it to grow. Um, and everybody goes through that. How do you get more, um, you know, how do you get into monetization? How do you get more, you know, ears listening and all those kinds of things.

And I really hadn’t delved on that or thought as much about at least the monetary side of it, for sure. I, I would like to S my goals near term goals are just to see my volumes grow and, um, uh, and see that I can generate interest for folks. Uh, and maybe out of that, some different topics, um, from feedback from folks, will, you know, what would you like to hear about, or who would you like to discuss, or do I see myself as.

10,000 downloads per episode? Probably not, but I don’t think anybody does.

James: Yeah. I mean, as a goal. Sure. But, you know, I mean, I think you’ve got to increment over that. You know, you’ve got to continue to, um, you know, create the content, uh, continue to refine and grow. Um, Let that be a side effect of your efforts, you know, I mean, I, I, I get that.

You enjoy putting the show together, you know, with, you know, co-hosting with, uh, Liberty bell, um, you know, you guys have a really good rapport with each other. Um, so yeah, I mean, I think that if you continue to, you know, produce content and have fun with each other yeah. It’ll rub off onto people and word will get around that, you know, um, uh, you guys are definitely worth the listen.


Dr. Z: thing I think is important is that that I’m learning is consistency. So from what I hear people say, and that’s why I strive to try to, now I know there are 52 weeks in the year, and so you’re not going to probably put out. Two podcasts, but the consistency of putting it out so people know where you are and you release it on the same dates and stuff.

I’m trying, I’m working towards trying to do that too. Um, so, uh, so that people look for, I don’t know what the best dates for releases are or any of that kind of thing, but consistency seems to be important.

James: Yeah, that is that’s wise advice. That’s, you know, I’ve ran across that as well. You know, you need to set that pattern, you know, so that people who do enjoy your show can rely on that being there, you know, week after week, you know, and if not, then you have a, you know, a bonus episode or something that has some sort of announcement that’s related, you know, you’ll be back or, or, you know, something to that effect, but consistency.

Um, that’s great advice. Yeah. Let’s talk about the Bob Marley episode. Okay. First of all, I want to say that in general, um, you’re the, uh, concept behind the way you guys structure, um, or the way that you structure your, uh, episodes. I love it. You know, it’s that stories behind.dot dot.

Dr. Z: Well, it is, it is interesting.

I, I, a couple of things I had tried to do and everybody doing their show and you, and you’re probably doing that too. I try to instill something at the beginning of the end, you know, so like I do a shout out and the shout out, uh, might be like, for example, my shout out this week was Dolly Parton. Cause she told the Tennessee legislature forget about it.

I don’t want a statue on the front lawn. It’s not appropriate at this time in the world. And then at the end I always give a quote. Uh, and it might be tied in this week. I tied it into Bob Marley quotes, which was fun. But, um, so try to do that, but yeah, I really had fun looking into Bob Marley. You know, that was, uh, if you look back on that story, it was an interesting time.

Uh, you know, I lived through that timeframe and, and, and, you know, I’m an older guy in my sixties and, uh, I. Realized when I was looking at it that we lost Bob Marley, John Lennon, and, uh, Elvis all within a 24 to 30 month period at the, you know, at the end of the seventies, early eighties. And I said that, golly, that was three icons of music that all just, and they all went away.

Good. Golly, all of us, you don’t realize he was 40, uh, Bob Marley’s 36 and I think Lennon was 40. Man. Yeah. You think they’re around forever, but they weren’t. Um, yeah. I, you

James: know, it’s interesting because I did learn from your episode, uh, the circumstances of Bob Marley’s death. I had no idea now. I don’t want.

I don’t want to say it on this show because I do feel like people should tune into your show, you know, give it a listen for sure. But it was, I, I, I was,

Dr. Z: yeah. An interesting story. Yeah. Because the sad part about that is in today’s world, if he had managed that differently, he, yeah. He’d still be

James: here. Yeah.

That’s it. And that is a, you know, you bring that point up in your show and it really did. It’s thought provoking, you know, it really does make you think. You know, if there’s a musician who was already having such an impact and continuing to rise, if he was still around, you know, what would, you know, what would the world be like with that person still, still around?

Dr. Z: Yeah. What music would he have produced? Although he’s got a, uh, if you look him up, he’s got a huge family line of, of kids. Who’ve been in music and very successful, um, daughters and sons. So, um, You know, they carried on and, and I, I dare any of you that go to a place like in the background, they’re not going to.

Cool bar in here. We’d be jamming. Yeah.

James: Yeah. At least a few times. Right.

Dr. Z: On your way to an umbrella, right? Yeah. So

James: the style of your, your, the show that I watched, you know, or that, that, well, I actually, I watched it on YouTube. I, you know, I listened to it and watch it on YouTube. Um, you know, I, I. I felt super comfortable.

Um, you know, it was like hanging out with a couple of buddies, you know, I really enjoyed that. That was

Dr. Z: another idea. So the thing about this that’s where he was born nine mile beach behind me. And so my idea is for every podcast, whatever the topic of the song is, let’s say I’m talking about John Lennon, then I’ll have Abbey road in the background.

If I can

James: figure out how to do that, you got this, you can do that. That’s a brilliant idea. I love that. Yeah. But that’s only

Dr. Z: for the YouTube videos, so that’s right. Yeah. So I did want to ask

James: you about that too. That was a, um, that that’s, that’s a relatively new thing that you’re doing, right. Putting it up on YouTube as well.

Dr. Z: Yeah. The, what he hears the evolution of that. That’s why with the podcasting is so deep. Because we started out doing it via zoom. I started out doing free zoom when you got 40 minutes timeframe or whatever. And I, and I can’t tell you how many times I didn’t push record on an episode like this, but I, I.

I did do that. In fact, I still have papers on my desk here that say, push your core, but we started with zoom. And then w once we started doing the podcast, we realized, well, you could go into that. And, um, and there’s, uh, a breakdown with an MP3 and MP4, um, um, all or any outside my technical skills that are on it.

But that you could put the you so, you know, and I got one site, I know people use, I use Spotify. And so I got it where we put the MP3 down and then it immediately went to all the doctors platforms. Yep. And Stitcher, you know, you name a map or whatever. Um, And the, the video editing was a little harder and that’s taken a long and finally figuring out I, for me, I use I movie and then, and then do it.

And. My pre-roll music and my post roll. And then I got, my son taught me how to do that is in his upper twenties, my youngest son. So

James: I’m learning, you know, what you got to continue to learn. And I do. I love it that you’re taking this on, you know, I mean, it’s, it’s. I think you’re discovering that like, you know, once you get into it and you know, I mean, you’re able to just make it and, and then that’s where the real craft comes in.

So I think you’re verging on that and yeah. You know, you’re taking this creative, um, endeavor on, so, you know, kudos

Dr. Z: to you. Well, I would tell any young people out there and all you guys I’m an old people is that, you know, this is like my third career. I was a physician. And, um, I started out as a heart surgeon for 27 years.

And then I did outpatient kind of. The wound care and oxygen. And then now I’m doing, I’m doing this and everything is just put your passion into it. And like you said, it’s, you never stop learning. If you stop learning, you’re going to be a father called it. Don’t ever be freezed dry. He said, if you’re a freeze dried, they’re throwing dirt on your head.

So don’t be freeze dried. So that’s my goal is don’t be freeze dried. I don’t want him to throw in deer on my hand any faster than I have to have it.

James: Yeah. That is some good wisdom right there. I love it. That you, for that, Dr. Z, before we wrap things up, I have one last question for you, which famous person or celebrity would you be excited to learn that they listened to your podcast?

Dr. Z: Musical. It would be Paul McCartney and, and, uh, sports characters for me. It’d probably be Jack Nicholas. He was kind of a childhood hero, but those would be, those would be mine. I mean, if I’m a car and he was listening to me, I’d have to dive in a hole and go, oh my God. You know, but, uh, He’s he, if you’ve never heard him in concert, go hear him.

Cause he plays 27 instruments. He’s an amazing talent.

James: Tell us where people can find out about more, more about you and your

Dr. Z: podcast. Well, you can find my podcast is that it’s Pickin’ ‘n Puttin’. P I C K I N N P U T T I N dot com. That’s the website. And you can find it on YouTube. It said, uh, Pickin’ ‘n Puttin’, uh, at, uh, with Dr.

Z and Libertyville. Dr. Z. Thank

James: you so much for coming on the show. I appreciate your time, your wisdom. Uh, it’s been an absolute pleasure.

Dr. Z: Hey, love it, man. You, you be good and have a good week and I really enjoyed it. It was great.

James: Thanks again to Dr. Z check the show notes to learn more about Dr Z and his show Pickin’ ‘n Puttin’. Please share what you got out of my conversation by leaving a review on Podchaser.com. You can find out how to do this in the show notes and do, let me know what you need from me to make this show even better for you. And make sure you follow @PodcastTactics to keep learning more about podcasting in future episodes.

Thank you!


    1. It was an absolute pleasure speaking with you Dr. Z! Keep making shows and having fun, and let’s catch up in a few months to see how things have progressed!

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